20 interesting facts about persons born between 1950 and 1980!

1. Persons born between 1950 and 1980 were normal persons, although their mothers worked until the last moment before birth. Their mothers smoked, drank alcohol during celebrations and happy moments, ate canned food and almost never did a diabetes test.
2. These children used to ride bicycles during childhood (one bicycle was driven by all children from the street or neighborhood because many children were unable to get a bicycle). Although children rode bicycles without helmets, it is rare that a child is injured.
3. Parents who owned their own car drove their children without seat belts and airbags.
4. All persons drank Coca-cola or Pepsi-cola from the same bottle. No one ever got sick.
5. They drank water from a neighbor from a garden watering hose. Not from plastic bottles bought in the vending machine. No one died of it.
6. We ate white homemade jam bread, milk ice creams, homemade fat, drank juices full of sugar. No one was overweight because at that time children and young people were constantly moving, jumping in parks and on the street.
7. The children left their homes in the morning to play “cowboys and Indians”, “lemons and oranges”, “deaf phones” all day. They never showed fatigue or exhaustion, never had their other children bored or stupid. There was no difference between the children. If a new baby appeared, all the other kids would look forward to it because the more kids in the game, the better the atmosphere.
8. When the street lights came on in the evening, there was no crying when the children needed (after the game) to go to their homes.
9. The children did not have tablets or mobile phones. Parents or guardians would look for children in parks or nearby streets. They did not call the police at that time because no one abducted the children then.
10. If a child goes to another location for play or fun and forgets to notify parents / guardians, a slap on the mother or father or a slight bump in the lower area will result. There was no domestic violence. It was a trustworthy educational method to never let children repeat the same mistake again.
11. The children at the time had no imaginary friends. The friends were real and were not added to the list but made for socializing.
12. Children went to nearby picnic areas by bus. They sang songs, played guitars and harmonics. They made a general noise and murmur. They talked about everything, laughed out loud, jokes and jokes. Memories and memories were created that nobody could erase (back then, rare people had cameras).
13. Children did not have problems concentrating on school hours, rarely when a child needed to go to a psychologist and children did not consume hyperactivity pills.
14. The children at that time had no problems with communication even though they lived without internet, computers, mobile phones. They talked to each other about each other and understood each other at times and with views.
15. The school was on foot, in the rain and in the snow. When winter came, the kids were lounging around, making snow fortresses, jumping around in bars and mud. No one was ever sick.
16. The children picked cherries, green apricots, unripe plums, tulips and roses and other flowers from the neighbor’s gardens. Children were falling from trees, breaking other people’s windows with a ball, shooting at a slingshot. Sometimes there was a broken tooth, a scratched knee or a cut. No child ever sued another child or went to court for it.
17. Then comics and children’s books were read. So much has been learned. There weren’t many movies – We only had two TV channels. We didn’t have cable TV, satellite TV, VCR or DVD. The kids had the imagination to develop a movie in their heads from comics.
18. The last 50 years have been the most productive years in the history of the world. Generations of that time gave the world the best inventors and scientists to date.
19. Children and youth had freedom, the right to make mistakes, to succeed and to be responsible. They learned to live with it.
20. If you belong to one of these generations, you surely remember these ancient and wonderful moments of healthy and happy growing up today.

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