The List of Free Online Courses

The List of Free Online Courses


    • Dear Friend,

      Yes its good for all people different generations. Wishing you the best.

      My nice regards,

      Amela Hajdarevic


  1. surely has some really cool courses. I recently took up the free Academic and Business Writing course for my personal growth and had a striking experience. They provide some good pop-ups (their version of writing assignments) and ask us to maintain a journal to write them down. I myself posted some assignments on my blog. Great experience overall!

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    • Dear Pranaya Nair,

      Thank you very much for detailed email with some great news and explanations. It will help us all a lot. Honestly I did not know about but I know it now thanks to you. Thanks a llot for spreading useful information. Wish you all the best. Amela

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