Happiness comes in many forms

There is no unique recipe for all the people of the world to be happy and satisfied. So far, no such recipe or patent has yet been discovered. However, the well-known sense of inner satisfaction, fulfillment, and good humor in humans arises from a state of “happy mind”. The good mood and sense of fulfillment of people intensely crave the whole worldly life. As formulas lack this feeling, people can only consciously invoke.
People’s ability to feel happy is partly genetic, scientists say. We can influence the rest if we do deeds that really matter to us in life. One of the preconditions for happiness is spending time with us dear people regardless of how we spent that time. Then there is a sense of well-being, closeness and connection. This can be through intense conversation, a smile exchange, or a close hug.
Also, as we approach ourselves, a sense of happiness can emerge through learning about one’s character, living one’s needs, and knowing one’s potential. This is how we build contacts with the outside world and other people, starting with family through neighbors and friends, or acquaintances or people we often meet and who have grown to our hearts.
Other people, unfortunately, cannot “convey” our happiness unless we do everything we can (with our thoughts and actions) to invoke this beautiful feeling.

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