Human intuition is the first feeling that is almost always correct

An unusual inner voice or so-called “inner wisdom” or a feeling that originally occurs in the “stomach” is a feeling that should not be ignored. On the contrary, this unusual human feeling is usually the most correct. It appears as a premonition of an upcoming event, an inspiration, a pleasant or unpleasant feeling, or an urge that tells us how we should behave or what we should do (decide). Intuition not immeasurably needed in human life.
When we find ourselves in an unexpected situation and need to make a decision quickly – it is best to listen to the first advice our intuition tells us. That first tip is almost always correct. The advice we hope or expect can often be called on our own.
The help that our inner intuition (inner voice) gives us can be sought if we are comfortably housed in our precious environment and let alone the silence, peace and isolation from human voices, noise and other things that hinder us. Let’s try breathing deeply to ward off any possible onslaught of irrelevant thoughts. Let us focus on our problem (desire) and try to arrive at a final solution through intuition.
If we make a decision and at the same time have stomach aches, an unpleasant feeling in the body, shortness of breath, tense shoulders – we probably made the wrong decision. We can take a break so when the conditions are met try to repeat the process.
Let’s try to surround ourselves with quality people who give us energy and people we always feel good about. Albert Einstein one of the greatest minds of the 20th century said: The only true value is intuition.
The ability to “listen to your own heart” often helps people make wise choices in life, psychologists point out. There are several key moments in which intuition is important, according to therapist Sherrie Dillard.
– The first impression is crucial. Pay attention to what’s going on in your body when meeting new people. Is it a feeling of discomfort, disinterest or sympathy? Whatever it is, your intuition is almost always right – explains S. Dillard.
Love is a strong bond of intuitive understanding, Sherrie Dillard points out. If you are worried about someone dear, do not ignore this feeling, name it, advises therapist S. Dillard. It is not a good idea to ignore intuition when deciding on a job and a career, as it can help you discover untapped talents. Encourage brilliant ideas. It’s dangerous to ignore if intuition alerts you to health. Listen to your body, advises Sherrie Dillard.
Intuition is a shortcut to productivity, knowledge, wisdom, innovation and decision-making, psychologists and psychiatrists agree. All people have the ability to solve life’s problems by relying on an inner voice – what psychiatrists call “self-reliance.” The most important thing is raising awareness of empathy. Try to identify and deal with someone else’s pain or anxiety. The great generals not only sat in the headquarters or bunker and made the right strategic moves, they toured the front lines of the front line. Only in this way were they able to assess the condition of their troops.
Make yourself experience what others are experiencing. This will strengthen your intuition. Face the fears instead of burying them. Allowing yourself a sense of dread sharpens your intuition – so one will learn to listen to what is going on in his or her inner world. During the conversation, in addition to listening to the other person, try to recognize your other person’s feelings. The better you “read” the emotions of others, the better you will use your intuition. Instead of criticizing, start asking questions.
Loneliness or meditation is the best way to start awakening your intuition, psychologists advise. Find at least 30 minutes each day for solitude and contemplation. That’s how you learn to listen to everything that’s going on inside you. This directly enhances your intuition.

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