Reusing of tea leaves and tea filters

After drinking tea from filter bags or tea from the leaves of various plants, do not throw away the leaves or filters as you can reuse them for other uses.
-Dry the tea leaves again and refrigerate them. They absorb moisture and give freshness.
– Dry the used tea again and use it as fertilizer. For example, the leaves and flowers of chamomile tea protect the plants from the accumulated bud
-you can use the mint tea in your flutter to remove odors from your shoes
– Re-moisten already used black tea filters. Clean glass surfaces with no stains or marks. Then smooth the windows with a dedicated glass cloth.
– Re-moisten already used black tea filters. Clean lacquered wooden furniture to be free of stains and marks. Then smooth the furniture with a cloth.
– irritated facial skin will be dampened by green tea filters.
– Mix the remnants of the green tea filter with a spoonful of sugar and a spoonful of honey. You get nourishing face peeling. Optionally add leftovers from the filter of used green tea.
– Used herbal tea filters can serve as a grease thinner for dirty sherds and pans. Soak a pan or pan in water and add herbal tea filters.

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