5 Free Apps (Mobile) for Better Time Management

The simple and free “to do” mobile phone application helps us to better remember our daily obligations.
1.Microsoft To-Do is used to cope with day-to-day tasks. It has a functional Android widget with the simple addition of reminders. This microsoft application can be used on Android, web, iOs and Windows devices. It is preferred for people who have Hotmail or Outlook or Microsoft accounts.
2.Any.do-lets you create your own scheduler. For easier work, there is an option to set up documents and bind to other devices. The duties will be displayed in order of completion. To make an important phone call or send a message, you do not need to rush the application.
3.Evernote-free basic version of the app brings synchronization to two devices. For everything else you need to pay about 30 Euros a year. The application offers synchronization across platforms, search text within images, share and comment on notes, and protect all data by setting a password on your mobile phone.
4.Google Keep keeps your to-do lists. If you have a Gmail account, no additional registration is required because this application is owned by Google. Notes can be shared with other users, which will be synced across devices you use.
5.Wunderlist-Easy to use. The advantage is that it can be installed on different devices. You can synchronize them to have the same lists across all platforms (Android, Phone, Tablet, PC and Mac, and web versions of the app. Tasks can be shared. More at http://www.wunderlist.com

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