The lack of daylight strengthens the feeling of emptiness, sadness and anxiety (help tips)

Depression is known to be a lasting and ongoing feeling of helplessness, guilt and less value. Depression is accompanied by difficulties in performing daily activities, insomnia and headaches. Depressed mood is not depression. Depressed mood occurs occasionally. It is related to an external event or stimulus. Depression is treated with medication with medication. Occasionally depressed mood can be treated or alleviated on our own.
Vitamin C- helps relieve mental exhaustion. The main sources are kiwi, boiled potatoes, peppers and citrus fruits (lemon, orange and tangerine).
B-group vitamins-deficiency of B vitamins can cause depressed mood. B1 promotes mental activity and normal functioning of the nervous system. B6 maintains psychic balance. B12 improves memory and concentration. The main sources are brewer’s yeast, bran, wheat germ, milk, melon, cabbage, eggs, fish and liver.
Zink and Magnesium — the main sources are oatmeal, seafood, wheat germ, dried figs, nuts, and chocolate.
Calcium is an important mineral whose deficiencies cause fatigue and irritability. The main sources are: yogurt, cheese, milk, soy milk, octopus, squid and oysters.
Iron – iron deficiency causes malnourishment, loss of energy and poor mood. Main sources: fresh green vegetables, red meat, dried fruits, black chocolate, legumes (lentils, peas, beans and legumes).
Amino acids tryptophan and phenylalanine-fresh soft cheese, dates, almonds, fish, bananas, milk, peanuts, sesame seeds and pumpkins.
Omega 3 fatty acids- strengthen the central nervous system. Main sources: flax seeds, salmon, herring, mackerel and trout.
The Cantarion herb or St. John’s wort – one of the most sought after medicines for the treatment of middle and mild depression in Germany. Sunburst exposure is not recommended during treatment with gentle grass as skin redness may occur. Several authors point out that caution should be exercised in people who are light on oral intake of Mrs. grass. Oral preparations should not be used in people who use drugs for organ transplantation, asthma disease, heart disease, high blood pressure.
To help you cope with depressed moods, you don’t need to be demanding tasks, you should divide your responsibilities into priority, simplify life, and focus on the most important things in life. It is wise to postpone major decisions for a certain period.

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