The popular and sought after Matcha Stress Tea

Twenty days before the main harvest, the leaves of matcha tea grown far from the sun are always referred to as “leaf leaves”. The vintage is manual. The leaves are put on steaming, drying. Then grind the granite mills into a fine powder. The whole leaf of the matcha plant is used. Matcha tea has an enhanced positive effect on stress. It has a higher antioxidant effect because whole leaf of tea is used. Matcha tea has an exotic taste. It has a beneficial effect on memory, mental and mental state, increases concentration and learning ability. It has a positive effect on the cardiovascular system.
When consuming matcha tea, it is important to say that small doses of tea are more effective than larger doses. Because the basic principle of homeopathy is that we should not overdo it in foods / medicines / teas. You can use Matcha powder in fruit salads, fruit or vegetable juices.
Preparation: Pour one or two small tablespoons of matcha powder over hot water (not boiling water). Sweeten with honey or some sweetener, if desired. To increase the positive effect, add some milk.

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