Natural help with mild swelling of the legs

The human body works with double effort during warm summer days. The heart and kidneys are especially difficult to deal with. So there is a swelling of the legs in the evening. If the swelling of the legs is not frequent and by the morning passes, there is no need to take a break. If often and constantly, the help of a doctor is needed.
A bath for mild and occasional swelling of the legs
Water should be medium temperature (neither cold nor hot). Practice the bath for 10-15 minutes. Sea or table salt (two liters of water = 120 grams of salt), coniferous wood extract (two liters of water = 100-120 grams of conifers), dry mustard / mustard (two liters of water = 50 grams).
Mustard or mustard is a much-loved spice made from licorice, a herb commonly known as mustard and mustard, mustard, mustard, eagle, cashews. In nature, there is black (Brassica nigra) and white licorice (Sinapis alba), with characteristic properties.
Exercises for swollen feet:
Press your heels against the floor with your fingertips as high as possible (in a standing or sitting body position). Then do the reverse: lift your heels high with your fingertips.
Walk on your fingertips for a minute to two minutes.
Lift small objects (pens, balls, … etc.) on the floor with your toes.
Collect your toes as much as possible then spread your toes as much as possible.
Turn your feet left and right and vice versa.
For unpleasant leg odor:
1. Put five tablespoons of strong Kombucha tea mushroom in two liters of water. Use the bath daily for 10 to 15 minutes. Do not wipe your feet with a towel after a bath.
2. Grind the black tea and bay leaf into powder in equal quantities. Put a spoonful of the mixture into your shoes every night. In the morning, shake the mixture out of your shoes. Put a spoonful of this powder in a cup of boiling water. Leave for half an hour and drain. Soak your feet but do not wipe them with a towel. Leave it to dry.
3. Put two tablespoons of salt, a tablespoon of baking soda and a few crystals of hyper manganese in two liters of warm water. Keep your feet for five to seven minutes. Then wash them with antibacterial soap. Repeat the process for three to five days.
4. Rub the socks with soap and set aside. Half a teaspoon of salt pour a drop of two essential oils (orange or lemon) with a glass of water. Rinse socks in water, squeeze socks and place them in salt water with essential oil. Hold for half an hour. Drain and allow to dry. You can use them in the morning on clean feet.

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