Propolis is a medicinal herbal mixture known to mankind for two millennia

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In ancient times, the healing properties of propolis seemed magical. In accordance with the technological development of the twentieth century, many positive characteristics of this “bee adhesive” were discovered. Today we have a clear scientific confirmation of the cure of propolis. Bees produce propolis from resin and pollen that are expensive in nature. Propolis serves bees as a glue. The composition of propils is different depending on the natural environment of the bees. 180 different ingredients have been named to date. Propolis extract contains wax, resin, minerals, pollen and essential oils.
Alcoholic extracts are used for wound disinfection and faster healing of scars. Propolis is an indispensable ingredient in ointments and balms used to treat severe burns. Propolis preparations are used in chronically damaged skin tissue due to their immunostimulatory properties. Used in eczema, decubitus, and skin ulcers.
Propolis is used in oral and pharyngeal infections. The combination of propolis with the echinacea plant has proven to be an excellent treatment for chronic pharyngeal inflammation. Oral propolis application (drops or spray) helps and soothes inflammation of the local mucosa, relaxes vocal cords and reduces allergic irritants. Common combinations of propolis with plants: sage, chamomile, ginger, lemongrass, echinacea and others. Herbal cough syrups contain a combination of propolis, honey and flacon. Inflammation of the nasal mucosa is successfully treated with propolis spray containing a non-alcoholic extract with 10-20% propolis in combination with seawater.
Propolis has proven to be helpful in relieving gynecological inflammation in women. It is useful in tablets and gels for the treatment of mild inflammation of the female organs. These preparations are safe and effective.
Green propolis extract has been shown to reduce stress in neurons in Alzheimer’s disease. Prevents synaptic dysfunction for Alzheimer’s disease.
For medicinal purposes, only 10-20% of pure propolis is used. The effects of propolis have been officially confirmed: antiseptic, antibacterial, antiviral and revitalizing effects.

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