Tomatoes are vegetables, table decoration and face mask

If we eat half a tomato every day of the year, we will significantly reduce the risk of thrombosis and heart disease.
Tomatoes, eggplant, peppers and potatoes belong to the helper’s family. In the 16th century, tomatoes arrived in South America from Europe. At first it was considered inedible and poisonous and used to decorate dishes. In the 19th century, tomatoes were actively included in the daily diet when eaten in 1811 in Italy with peppers, garlic and butter.
Fresh tomato fruits and tomato juice are a great tool in avitaminosis. One glass of juice contains half a daily dose of Vitamin C and Vitamin A. As tomatoes are low in calories, they successfully dissolve fats and regulate impaired metabolism. How tomatoes prevent osteoporosis can be successfully used in post-menopause. It is used by patients with gastritis. The use of tomato, tomato and peeled juice reduces the risk of heart attack and platelet aggregation.
Estimates say 90% of people can use tomatoes without any hassle. Tomatoes can cause gallbladder spasms, and patients with gallstones should not use it. People who are allergic to tomatoes should not use it.
Green tomatoes are unripe tomatoes that we use heat-treated and canned for winter. Raw green tomatoes contain the toxic substance solanine. Green tomatoes can be used externally for problems with varicose and inflamed veins. Put the green tomato rings on the nodes of the varicose veins or inflamed capillaries visible to the naked eye. Tie the fruit with a bandage and hold until you feel a burning sensation. Keep for another minute or two while burning. Remove the lining and rinse your feet with cold water. You do the treatment two Sundays – five times a day. Acetic acid from tomatoes acts as an aspirin – breaks down blood clots, dilutes blood. The results will be quickly visible. Blood clots will break down, the pain will lessen and the knots on the legs will recede.
Tomatoes have been used successfully in translucent and flabby skin.
Tomato Face Mask (Anti-bacterial, soothes inflammation and acne on face)
Mix two crushed tomatoes with a spoonful of honey. Put the mask on a clean face. Leave for ten minutes. Rinse your face with warm water.
You can dry the tomatoes in the sun or oven to use throughout the year. Choose a ripe and healthy fruit (less watery varieties). Wash, dry and cut in half. Salt and arrange in a saucepan. Keep the tomatoes in the sun for three days (bring them to the room at night). When drying in a stove, the procedure is the same, with baking paper placed on the leftovers. The tomatoes are dried for 60 hours at 60 ° and can be interrupted. Dried tomatoes should not be completely black in color. The dried tomatoes are stored in jars with olive oil and spices (basil, garlic and pepper) or in the freezer.
Tomato juice is used for anemia or sudden blood loss. It is advisable to drink 2 deciliters of juice daily.
Homemade Tomato Juice Recipe
6 pounds of tomatoes, 4 large tablespoons of sugar, two large tablespoons of salt. Wash and dry the tomatoes. Cut into smaller pieces and grind in a meat grinder (vegetable). Add sugar and salt and bring to a boil. Stir occasionally to keep it from boiling. Cook for another 10 minutes with stirring. Pour hot cooked tomatoes into sterilized jars / bottles. Close it tight. Allow to cool and set aside in a dark place. Tip: You can add some basil, garlic or oregano while cooking the juice.


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