Read labels for additives (emulsifiers) in industrial foods

Emulsifiers are additives in industrial foods used by food manufacturers. These are preservatives and flavor enhancers that depend on the purpose. The labels for these food supplements are on food packages, cans or bottles.
There are several types of emulsifiers:
E100-E182-to enhance the taste of the product
E200-E399-for extended shelf life
E400-E499 — to obtain product density
E500-E599 — to obtain product homogeneity
E600-E699- for aroma and flavor enhancement
There are emulsifiers whose presence in foods is harmless.
It gives the E100 product an orange color. It is often used for preserving fruits, sauces, ketchup, fish pate, etc.
E363- found in soups, powdered products, sweets
E504- is on cheese labels
E957-used in the production of ice cream, dried fruits and chewing gums.
There are also useful natural supplements for products
E100-curcumin, E101-vitmain B2, E104-chlorophyll, E160 (carotene, lycopene, etc.), E162 (betanin from beetroot), E270 (lactic acid), E300 (vitamin C), E306-E309 (vitamin E), E322 (lecithin) etc.
These supplements are often harmless. Damage to the body is caused by paints, preservatives and stabilizers.

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