99design: a freelance platform for design jobs

“99designs” is a platform that offers opportunities to make money online as a designer. On this page you will find part-time jobs where designers can choose the jobs they want to do. The process is quite simple: the employer sets the design requirements and the designers (keeping to the set requirements) make their own creations. In the end, the best work is rewarded.

After registration, you can start looking for jobs that you can successfully complete. When you choose the project you want, then you need to read the project requirements. After you do this, you need to create your work according to them. Once you have completed the design you need to present your work. On the page you will see “Submit design”, when you click on it, the page for loading the created work will open. It’s important to know that you don’t need to upload a PSD file, just a screenshot or thumbnail of your work. Also, you can leave a comment here for your employer. After that you will have to agree to the terms and conditions of 99designs, confirm that this design is your personal work and click on “Submit my entry”. After that, you should wait for your employer to evaluate your work. If your design is a winner, you will be taken to a page where you need to confirm the so-called. Transfer Copyright, and upload original PSD files.

One 99designs user who has spent a lot of time on this site says: “The system is simple. The client opens a tender for a service, the competitors submit their works. The winner carries the prize. 99 has an enormous base of professional designers and hobbyists. The competition is extremely large and fierce. Especially when well-paid projects are in play. Some projects exceed $ 3,000. ”

99designs can be nice to make money. This online marketplace for designers offers a number of areas where you can show off your skills. Logo design is the most represented in terms of number of competitions, and there are also competitions for web design, banners, printed materials, right up to the creation of applications. Of course, no one guarantees that your design will be victorious, but in any case you can benefit because it is a great place to develop your design skills.

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