11 May is World Letter Writing Day

23.11.2014 093
Today, it is common to send letters, postcards and parcels around the world using regular or express mail. Although it is increasingly certain that this activity is declining year by year due to the advent of modern technological devices. Still, sending and receiving letters to some people is a pleasure and happiness, and it evokes memories of some old, slower times. Therefore, every year on May 11, World Letter Writing Day is celebrated.
This is a great opportunity to remember how we used to send letters and how the post offices or institutions through which letters travel to designated destinations / addresses on letters came from.
After writing a letter with a pencil on a piece of paper, we put that paper in an envelope. We carry the packaged letter to the post office to the address where the recipient of the letter lives. We buy a postage stamp from a post clerk at the counter (postage stamps vary by country), which is usually hand-glued to the clerk in front of us. The letter remains in the mail from where, after sorting all the received shipments that day, it travels to the written address.
The person writing the letter is called the letter carrier. The person who receives / expects the letter is called the recipient of the letter. The postal service has developed very slowly throughout history. In Persia (present-day Iran) and ancient Rome, the state cared about sending messages (letters) because the letters at that time were only for government affairs. During the Middle Ages, larger universities and merchant associations had a special and limited postal service that their members could use. In the 16th century, regular postal services began to be created in some countries of the world.
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The services at that time could control suspicious shipments (letters), generate revenue from postal services and this was a service required by the general public. King Henry VIII of England had a postal service which was expanded by his heirs. From 1609 only official lettermen were able to transmit written messages (letters). 1680 The London Postal Service was established to deliver and send letters in and around London. The letter cost one penny, so the whole service was called “penny mail.” It was taken over by the English Government for the efficiency of this service, which retained its work until 1801. It was not until 1840 that the entire postal system was changed.
Then they started using the postage stamp. Unique tariffs have been introduced for all places in the country. The only difference was the weight of the mail. In the wake of the UK postal system, other countries soon set up their own postal systems.
If you want to pencil on paper and want your written text (or sketches you’ve drawn) to be digitized – then the Montblanc smart kit is perfect for you. Fans of handwritten letters can email their text and share it on social networks. The “smart” kit called Montblanc Augmented Paper contains several colored papers, a pencil and a leather pad that “remembers” the movements of the hands.


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