Shoes should be comfortable and a bit feminine

The best time to buy shoes and other footwear is in the afternoon when your feet are tired or swollen (from walking or standing for hours). Then you will be sure that the shoes you buy will remain comfortable all the time. The mornings are not good for buying shoes because the feet are rested so we can wear tighter and tight shoes. This is why it is best to buy shoes in the afternoon, when your feet are tired, even slightly swollen.
Shoe size is just as important. Try a larger size than you would normally use to decide which number suits you best. The size is well-chosen if your feet “sit” straight in the shoes while not “dancing”. Shoe width and length are equally important. The shoe is properly selected when you have a little “free space” between your thumb and the front of the shoe.
Women like shoes with heels even though many women avoid high heels because they cannot walk / stand in them for long. The proper heel on the shoe is one that is in a straight line under the heel bone. Always take care when first wearing shoes. Pre-step footwear by walking in the home or wearing short distances (to get your foot accustomed and your shoes adjusted to your foot). If your shoe is chewed every time you put it on and you do not have the opportunity to replace it, put a piece of cotton wool soaked in milk. Wear for a short period of time until the shoes are sufficiently spread out so that they are comfortable when you first wear them.
Summer shoes (sandals and slippers or slippers) should be comfortable throughout the day and night. They need to be made of higher quality materials (leather or eco leather) so you can dress them for multiple seasons (years). Focus on models that are ideal for those days when you are on the move all day, and in the evening you have an event you want to look good on. Such a simple and glamorous model are low-heeled sandals with an ankle strap adorned with a pearl-shaped buckle. If you do not like sandals or slippers with a heel a few inches high, opt for a similar model of the so-called “basic” flat sandals. This type of sandal will fit all combinations.
The more striking models are with leather laces that will best fit with skirts above the knee. Modern or retro models go great with dresses or high waist jeans.
Statistics say that 40% of most fashion companies’ earnings are shoe sales. It is always difficult to opt for one model among the various collections of global fashion brands that have different and equally desirable options for footwear models. Shoe designers therefore never give strict instructions for buying and selecting shoes. It offers everything from sequin models, lacquer leather shoes, socks, ankle boots, sport and elegant sneakers or low or high heeled moccasins. Shoe makers say classic shoe designs in black and brown are typical of fall and winter, while spring and summer suit white, bright red, delicate pastel shades. Over time, the line between footwear used on daytime and evening occasions has disappeared. Edited is the world’s leading analytics firm in the fashion business, collaborating with fashion companies such as Desigual, Net Porter, Tommy Hilfiger and others. Edited provides data and estimates on footwear sales each year and compares them with previous years. Their figures say shoe sales with heels of up to 5 cm have risen in proportion to sales of declining shoes with heels of 10 centimeters.
Generally women choose comfort when it comes to footwear. Comfortable footwear can be a bit feminine. Although there are shoes with low, medium, semi-high and high heels, the most wanted models are shoes with heels up to 5 centimeters (so-called grandma heels). It can be spent all day in this shoe. These shoes do not have to be “boring” because designers make models that look like a glittering piece of jewelry with a skin of gold and silver glitter, with metal buckles, fringes and rivets, or pearls.

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