Bio mimetic moves the boundaries of the possible

Bio mimetic is often used in medicine and pharmacy. It is a technological imitation of the natural processes and ingredients of the skin. Thanks to biomimetics, the beauty industry is pushing the boundaries of the possible. In the design and architecture industry, the best known examples of bio mimetic are the Velcro tape, which works on the principle that the “Velcro” plant is glued to the shoe. Or the Eiffel Tower in Paris whose construction is inspired by the human hip structure.
Nature is an inexhaustible source of ideas for more effective drug action, implant making, faster healing of wounds and scars on the human body. Scientific research is about how to repair damaged skin by mimicking its natural functions, which has brought new insights into the aging process of humans. All this has encouraged the development of bio mimetic care, the ingredients of which are true copies that are naturally occurring in the skin and are important for the health and youthfulness of the skin (hyaluronic acid, vitamins, amino acids, Qo-enzyme Q10, and the like). Bio mimetic compounds are often obtained by extracting raw materials from plants, seawater and other natural raw materials. They are further transformed into smart molecules in laboratories. They purposefully prevent changes related to skin aging (wrinkles, pigmentation, loss of strength and elasticity, skin dehydration, etc.).
In bio mimetic skin care, novelties are ingredients whose well-being has been validated in the 20th century and technology that has made it possible to enhance known ingredients in new ways. Today’s strictly controlled and refined formulas are compatible with skin that accepts them as their own. Skin is restored at the cellular level thanks to products made with special technology for maximum substance utilization. Many manufacturers claim that their creams and face serums alter the genetic structure of the skin so that the skin becomes more resistant and retains freshness for longer.
In the skin cell itself, dehydration, irritation and inflammation are prevented. Regeneration and resistance to harmful influences are promoted. These modern treatments contain combinations depending on the purpose of solving problems in relaxed skin, face, neck and décolletage to oily skin and acne. The active substances important for the core tone are plant extracts, hyaluronic acid, vitamins A, B, C and K, ceramides, beta-glucan and allantoin, and peptides. In synergy with other elements, the power of peptides that stimulate the skin to act younger is more pronounced.
Peptides are naturally found in the body as components of proteins. If we think of a protein as a chain, its individual links are amino acids and peptides are at the junction of the links. Peptides are crucial for metabolism. Essential are the building blocks of muscle and skin that give them strength and energy. Peptides are important for the production of collagen and elastin (fibers that give skin elasticity and suppleness). Their technological variants (bio mimetic peptides) are used in fillers and as additives in anti-age cosmetics. Bio mimetic peptides are miracle workers because of their versatility. They can also program for a variety of targeted “pros” and “against” boosting immunity, suppressing inflammation, stimulating the natural peeling process to restore skin tone, preventing dehydration and the like. When they support a skin function, they can be compared to a key that unlocks the lock to convey an important message or package. If they are designed to prevent skin depletion and damage, they act as if they divert traffic or compete with the bad guys to take their place. In addition to bio mimetic proteins, technological versions of vitamin A (retinol), C and others are produced in a similar way, and hyaluronic acid important for the balance of moisture in the skin, enzymes that promote the detoxification of lipids and skin fats.
Bio mimetic lipids are obtained from sunflower, safflower, borage and olive oils. Bio mimetic ingredients are not necessarily artificial, but are most often crosses of plant and high-tech molecules. These molecules and cells clearly indicate that a major milestone in cosmetics is taking place at the microscopic level. The search for the elixir of youth leads to genetics. Japanese cosmetics giant Shiseido is one of the leading manufacturers of this type of cosmetics because it produces its Future Solution LX day and night creams according to the principle of human skin biorhythm and biological clock. Experts from Japan say there are special genes that maintain skin functions throughout the day and night, stimulating sirtuin — the so-called protein of youth. A defense gene that is active during the day is important for creating a protective skin barrier and retaining moisture while the nocturnal defense gene repairs damage caused during the day and promotes the formation of new cells.
Vitamin C is known to be an unstable vitamin sensitive to light, air and heat, but today it is offered in the form of powders and antioxidant serum that retains all its properties until applied to the skin. Thus, it can fully stimulate the natural regeneration processes that take place in the skin. Bio mimeticstries to preserve the living micro-organisms – youth activators that are activated by a single stroke before skin contact. Among the well-known cosmetic manufacturers of these products are Dior, Clarins, Nuxe, Lancome, Chanel, Algolige, Vichy, Biologique, Dermalogica, Dr Renaud, Eucerin, Biotherm, Vlamont, Shiseido, La Prairie, Artistry, Filorga, Oriflame Sweden, Bocassy Paris, Avon and many others.

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