We choose perfumes according to our current mood and intuition

Perfumes, fashion, music and art reflect the spirit of the time in which they are made. Due to the political, economic, health and moral crisis and pandemic worldwide, perfume companies are turning to optimistic notes that improve people’s mood. Optimistic perfumes are created in collaboration with pharmacologists specializing in mood swings under the influence of smell. Perfumes are created with the intention of bringing the human mind into a state of complete relaxation. Perfumes are also created to make the people who use them more comfortable. The aromatherapy powers of herbs (lavender, ylang-ylang, tuberose, jasmine, green tea, bergamot and others) are used in this process.
For example, lavender has a soothing scent that eliminates fatigue and increases mental activity. During the morning, a fresh note is the fresh scent of orange (Citrus sinensis). It eliminates stress and nervousness. It has a positive effect on the overall state of the human psyche because it stimulates optimism, strengthens confidence and strengthens the human body. In the evening, a fragrant note of tuberose or “Queen’s Night” is recommended, which has an effect on the psycho-emotional sphere. Tuberose is a relatively unknown flower characterized by a pleasant, sensual powdery floral note. Jasmine oil is a natural help with stress and tension and is recommended for evening periods. Ylang Ylang (Cananga Odorata) is ideal for stress therapy. Ylang Ylang oil is perfect for refreshing the air in the inhaler. It’s also called “love oil.” To avoid feeling hopeless, put a drop of two ylang ylang oils on the collarbone or the front or inside of the shirt to make the fragrance available for a longer time.
The floral notes of tuberose and jasmine are best known in the world for their quasi-narcotic properties.
Sandalwood, coconut milk, vanilla, iris root and jasmine are compositions reminiscent of sun, spring and summer during the winter and autumn days. Vanilla is a common ingredient in perfumes and the only fragrant note in the world that is said to be “universally seductive”. It bears the epitome of “attractant”. Because of the culinary association, vanilla is loved by all generations of people. Moshus and pachuli (besides vanilla) highlight sex appeal.

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