Yoga is part of the culture and generally living of Los Angeles

In addition to the film industry, healthy food, the cult of beauty and youth, automobiles, natural fruit juices and surfing, yoga has over time become part of the culture of the largest city in the US state of California-Los Angeles. Yoga is practiced by over 60 million Americans in their homes or yoga studios. Yoga studios are found everywhere in this city. There are simple and affordable yoga studios and exclusive yoga studios for “deeper pocket” people. Nowadays, besides classical yoga, there are many sub-types of this activity (hot yoga in warm yoga studios, hip-hop, flow yoga, jin, aerial or air yoga, whomever mixes yoga and kickboxes, marijuana-influenced yoga or Remedy yoga and many others ). The hardest thing to do here is find a studio where classical yoga is done. Yoga teachers are excellent as are the exercises they practice with students / service users. Yoga is a type of activity that you can practice in a furnished studio, in your home or other interesting space. In Los Angeles, yoga is practiced even on the surfboards on the ocean ((AQUA Yoga), on the beach, in city parks and on the helicopter of the Intercontinental Hotel.
The thesis that has a foothold in the past is that today, Los Angeles for yoga is the same as Paris was in the 19th century for literature and the arts. German settlers in California laid the foundations for yoga in the 19th century. These settlers were the followers of two movements created in Germany: Lebensreform (life reform) and Turner. The Turner Association was founded in 1871. The association exists even today. In the 19th century, Indian gurus / settlers arrived in California, responding to a warm and dry climate. For all of them, California has been fertile ground because of the many people with a lot of new and poor education who are easily fooled by the wildest ideas.
In the 19th century, the first Vedanta Yoga Center in California was opened. The then guru Swami Vivekananda soon spread to the whole of America. The largest yoga organization in the world is the Self-Realization Fellowship. In the 1940s, it was founded by Indian guru Paramahansa Yogananda. At the beginning of their activities, the Swamis received land as a gift from their wealthy followers. Back then, land in and around Los Angeles was cheap. There they built Indian temples dedicated to body culture-Yoga. The temples were surrounded by large gardens with flowers. Today, there are over 300 hundred temples like this in Los Angeles.
Hinduism was discovered in the 1930s by major Hollywood movie stars (Mae West, Great Garbo, Charlie Chaplin). They regularly attended lectures on Hinduism in nearby Ojai. 1947 Indra Devi opens the first yoga studio. Starts the Hatha Yoga trend. Restrictions on Indian expatriates were lifted in the 1960s. Then swamis of all schools and movements come to America. Swamis are particularly settled in San Francisco, where the hippy movement was born. In the 1970s, Hinduism, the hippy movement, and healthy living became more and more popular in Los Angeles and had more followers. That’s when The Doors and The Mamas & the Papas come along. ” Members of the movement gather and socialize at Venice Beach cafes. That’s why West Hollywood is packed with health food stores and macrobiotic restaurants and groceries.
The rational eighties of the last century during the time of US President Ronald Reagan stopped a little bit of practicing Yoga. However, in 1979 Jane Fonda opened a yoga studio that became popular. The famous Madonna has a well-deserved role as a leader in the trend for popularizing yoga. As gold is not all that shines the dark shadow on the world of yoga put gurus with their great libido. They are accused of many infamous acts and holding harems with young women and sexual misconduct. Huge profits allow them to live luxurious lives, nothing like the asceticism of other yogis. With these gurus, libido constantly escapes control, and many lawsuits are being filed today for harassment of women and other dishonorable activities.
Today, yoga students (disciples) are happy to go to yoga classes and follow gurus less. Wanderlust is the most luxurious yoga studio opened in 2016. The house has over 3000 square meters. In this house there is a restaurant with healthy food, a cafe, a cozy seating area, a shop with luxury yoga equipment, a large hall with crystals for good energy scattered on the floor (below the parquet floor). On the first floor are two smaller yoga studios, a library for club members, a rooftop terrace for meditation and banqueting. A membership fee of US $ 150 allows twenty hours of yoga per month. There are concerts and lectures, as well as various yoga workshops (sound bath, acrobatic yoga, tapping or typing that relieves shame, fear, uncertainty and prejudice). From the fenced parking lot (3 US $), one enters directly to the yoga studio for privacy. There are many other studios for learning and practicing yoga: The Tantris, Yogaworks, Hyperslow, Swerve. Monthly membership fees range from US $ 100 and up. Many people want to practice yoga in the intimacy of their home. So in Los Angeles, there are personal instructors who fully devote their attention and knowledge to select clients. Hourly rates also range from $ 100 to several hundred US $. As Los Angeles residents blend esotericism and big business ambitions (as a yoga instructor in this city says), they will simultaneously meditate and listen to lectures on peace and love for their fellow humans, while for glory, fortune and eternal youth, they will often go over other people’s corpses. .


  1. Dear “jvtripioauthor”,

    Thank you very much for your great and positive comment. I really appreciate it. Great idea of having a small garage and doing yoga and other exercise over there, Wishing you all the best. Amela


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