Book recommended May 2020

1.ITEMS: Is Fashion Modern(printed edition of the most important contemporary art museum in the world by MoM New York, USA) The nearly 300 pages cover 111 of the most important objects and concepts in the history of fashion. This is a kind of encyclopedia of fashion or clothing that has characterized contemporary dressing. The 111 items and terms in the book include a small black Coco Chanel dress, a leather jacket, Levi’s jeans, a red Revlon Fire and Ice lipstick, a Chanel 5 perfume bottle, a boxy scarf worn by Yasser Arafat (so-called kaffiyya). , Cartier love bracelet, yoga pants, slip dress Kate Moss..and others. The subjects are divided into three categories: archetype, prototype and stereotype. The archetype is the origin (for example, a white T-shirt pulling roots from the Navy). A stereotype is a general place where we imagine an object when we close our eyes (black Chanel dress). The prototype is a new form of an existing (kaffiyye cubed scarf).
2. Origin (by Dan Brown) – American writer and one of the most widely read authors in the world. At the church where his mother Connie played the organ, 13-year-old Dan Brown asked the priest what story was true — the story of evolution or the story of Adam and Eve. The priest replied that “decent boys do not ask such questions.” If the answer had been different, probably Dan Brown would not have become one of the best writers in the United States and around the world. His novels are thrillers in which he questions the questioning of religious dogmas, embodying the elements of conspiracy, mysticism, secrets kept for centuries, beautiful and smart women, and cruel killers – throughout the story. Professor Robert Langdon is a Harvard expert and the main character of the novel. The professor is an expert in symbology and religious iconology, played by Tom Hanks in films of screened novels. In the novel Origin, Professor Langdon arrives at the Guggenheim Museum in Bilbao (Spain) to attend an important revelation that will change science forever. All the artwork, religious associations, buildings, locations, scientific facts in this novel are real.
“We must be prepared to get rid of the life we ​​have planned, in order to live the life that awaits us.” (Joseph Campbell).

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