Occupation: Fashion designer and interior designer

Design is a young profession because it has been around for about a hundred years. Design emerged with the Industrial Revolution. Until the advent of Andy Warhol, anything that was not handcrafted was not considered a legitimate work of art.
Designers today often offer style and personality to their customers instead of spectacles. Fashion designers have been successful over the years. In principle, we can agree that fashion is an art. Every form of expression that responds to today’s world falls into the category of art. The revolution in the fashion industry happened when Coco Chanel cut off her long skirt to see her legs. Today we sometimes seem to be living in a thankless time for new objects in the material world where true progressive ideas happen in the virtual space. Fashion is a means of expression. Clothing says a lot about a person. Some garments summarize the political and economic situation and the taste of the times. Fashion and its followers need to be aware, in order to follow the fashion events of a society (how it is purchased, how it is produced, how it is distributed).
In signaling, design becomes an engineering discipline because there is no marketing. It is designed exclusively for the user in a modernist, BauHaus sense. The hall’s good signage allows the visitor to see all corners of the space as the graphics in the public space suggest the visual literacy and culture of a country.
Graphic design and visual communications in Benelux and Scandinavia are impeccable. This clearly reflects the political and social order of these countries.
The proverb says when you graduate from design at Yale, a prestigious American college – you should not be out of the idea for the next ten years. The topic of the master’s degree is not chosen, but the student should choose his own design methodology. Students should move away from the comfort zone leading to life in autopilot. It kills creativity in the long run.
If you are a good designer it is practically impossible to be unemployed. New orders will always arrive for new projects. You are expected to work 12 or 14 or 16 hours a day. Thanks to modern technologies you are connected with the whole world.
If you’ve been thinking about aesthetics all your life, you need to become a designer sooner or later. Design study is a great life school.
The famous Le Corbusier (one of the most important architects of all time) brushed off the French designer (architect) Charlotte Perriand: “We do not tie pillows here” and pointed her finger out when she knocked on his office door looking for work. 1927 Charlotte was 27 years old and brave and crazy enough to “knock on the door” of a world previously reserved only for men. A few months later, Corbusier apologized to her when he saw her aluminum, chrome, glass, bent tube and leather bar. He immediately offered her a job, though he did not correct the injustice towards her to the end.
Charlotte is considered the most deserving of iconic pieces recently signed with the Corbusier name. Charlotte worked in his shadow for ten years. Mies Van Der Rohe is a famous architect whose shadow also included Lilly Reich from Germany. Before he met Lilly, Mies had designed almost no item. Together they created the famous armchair Barcelona. The legendary and progressive Bauhaus Art School was founded in 1919. It has been declaratively invoked for gender equality – although women were not able to study architecture but took embroidery, pottery and the like. The death of a woman only managed to emerge from anonymity between the two world wars. Versatile German artist / designer Meret Oppenheim or Swede Greta Grossman. Greta has been celebrated over her lifetime for becoming a favorite of Hollywood by designing for world movie stars – Greta Garbo and Ingrid Bergman. Greta designed the Cobra and Grasshoper lamps. It is interesting to note that in the new millennium, Zaza Hadid received the Pritzker Award — a kind of Academy Award for architecture and design — as a woman.
Times changed in the middle of the last century with the sexual revolution and emancipation of women. Although many women designers still acted out of the shadows, even though they made a significant contribution to their work. This is most evident with business / spouses Afra and Tobias Scarpa, Doriana and Massimiliano Fuksas and others. Today, women and men are equally represented in the field of design. This is due to the highest pioneers in the field of design and mid-generation designer.
A new wave of young designers is hitting the markets today. They are gaining in popularity because of their honest approach to work and artistic creation. The younger generation is aware that women’s approach to design is gentler, warmer, more creative and more romantic. He is deprived of the great need to “ego”, he is full of ease and self-irony. Young female designers emerged embracing their femininity. So today there is no division into male and female design.
Kiki van Eijk – Dutch designer who built her own tulle on handmade craftsmanship by combining old and new techniques and the unusual appearance of the item. He works most closely with the companies Hermes and Moooi. Her artifacts are sold in specialist galleries where they reach artwork prices.
Elena Salmistraro-Italian designer who works with companies: Alessi, Bosa, seletti, De Castelli ,. Bitossi. It is special for its uncluttered and fun approach to design with a multitude of decorative features. She finds her inspiration primarily in fashion, art and illustration.
Cristina Celestino- an Italian designer who designed the sophisticated furniture series for Fendi fashion company in 2016. She made her furniture with techniques such as onyx inlaid and other precious materials. For BottegaNove, she made tile-like bird feather tiles.


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