Certain fruits for a certain time of day

Vegetable fibers are known to stimulate digestion, give a sense of satiety, accelerate and help regulate the body mass of people.
Oranges, lemons, lime in general citrus fruits are best eaten until lunchtime, i.e. from 9a.m. to noon (during the morning). If you have gastro-endocrine problems, digestive problems and you do not eat fruit on a timetable, you may feel bloated and have poor digestion. WHO (World Health Organization) says that 400 to 500 grams of fruit a day (five to seven fruits) are enough to maintain balance and replenish nutrient supplies. People who eat healthy will say that most fruits are best eaten at certain times of the day. If you eat the fruit according to schedule you will have enough vitamins that day, you will lose weight and strengthen your body.
Well-known diet expert Alain Joker says it is a human habit to eat fruit after a hearty meal. Mr Joker claims that fruit is best eaten on an ’empty stomach’. The secret is that the fruit should not be stored in the stomach for more than half an hour. Fruits take some time to “lower” into the intestines where vitamins are absorbed. Eating several oranges or peaches after a meal will contribute to poor digestion. In a full stomach, the fruit is not absorbed but fermented. This leads to feelings of discomfort in the stomach and the loss of valuable minerals. Bloating and diarrhea / diarrhea occur.
Pineapple is especially harmful after a meal. The pineapple is known as a “fat burner” and in order to have this function it is necessary to eat a few slices of pineapple before a meal. This will make it easier for the food to digest and to avoid excess calories. Pineapple is best eaten between meals as a snack.
The use of fruit is an excellent prevention of colon cancer, says endocrinologist Iris de Luna. The work of the gut is enhanced by the fruits with fine seeds and bark. Fruit fibers slow down the absorption of glucose in the blood and prevent its sudden jump. If you eat fruit salad for breakfast in the morning (after waking up), you will have a strong flow of energy and speed up metabolism. Fruits and berries are great only in the morning and should be avoided in the evenings. Metabolism slows down after 19 hours and consequently carbohydrate metabolism slows down. The “heavy fruit” for the evening hours are avocado and banana. If you eat avocados and bananas in the evening, this fruit turns into poisons and unused fructose turns into fat and is good for the hips.
Not every person always suits fresh fruit. In the case of diabetes, bananas and grapes are contraindicated because of the high levels of sugar they contain. They should not be eaten by obese or obese people. Orange, grapefruit and mango are the favorites among the fruit when you want to eat some delicious food after a long workout. People with stomach acid should avoid citrus fruits, cherries, blueberries and pickles. For these individuals, it is recommended that they eat fruit for 20 to 30 minutes after eating.
As the fruit acid stimulates the secretion of gastric juice, you can eat the fruit half an hour before meals (in people with decreased gastric acid). Only melon does not alter the acidity of the stomach but it is rich in fiber and useful fruit for digestion. You can consume the melon after intense training or work as it keeps the body hydrated.
Note: All of these tips are general recommendations, so consider your health and personal taste when choosing fruits / vegetables.

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