World Laugh Day is celebrated twice a year on January 10 and the first Sunday in May

1998 Madan Kataria of India founded World Laughter Day. It is celebrated on January 10 and the first Sunday in May every year. Laughter is easily accessible, free of charge and has no side effects on people. The main goal of founding this day is to encourage people to laugh more and enjoy the benefits of laughter.
Long-term laughing causes many physiological activities in the human body. Then more than 300 muscles of the face, abdomen, back, legs and arms are activated. The heart rate rises and breathing becomes deep and rapid. It lowers blood pressure and blood sugar levels and stress levels. Laughing enhances immune functions in the body that destroy tumor cells. Laughing is a natural analgesic because it relieves pain. Laughter gives us a sense of satisfaction as the hormone of happiness is secreted. It frees us from negative emotions and positively influences self-confidence and self-criticism. When we frown we use 43 muscles.
The smile is thought to be noticeable from a distance of 90 meters, while we use 15 muscles to laugh.
Laughing is the best medicine.

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