The healthiness of bread and pastry made from wheat and rye flour

cover page:
Most people know the many health benefits of bread, pastries and other bakery products made from all kinds of flour. Rye bread has been known to successfully eliminate insomnia. We also know that after vomiting and body weakness, it is best to consume hard bread slices so that the feeling of discomfort passes faster. Bread or bread crust is useful for all stomach and stomach problems. Gives a feeling of satiety, while slightly relieving abdominal pain.
For stomach and stomach pain, you can use a folk remedy. Toast a slice of white bread with a little butter. When the bread is cool, place it in the glass of water for half an hour. Remove the slice and drink the remaining beverage. Repeat the procedure several times a day until the pain stops.
Insomnia and sleep problems are successfully addressed by wheat and rye bread. Add the crumbled rye bread to the crumbled piece of wheat bread. Then add a few tablespoons of pickles liquid, one tablespoon of sour milk, and finely cut half of pickles. Keep the resulting mixture for 10 to 15 minutes in the forehead in the morning and evening. Rinse with water. You will soon see that insomnia is eliminated.
Make a homemade remedy for sore throat. Put a piece of white bread in boiling milk. Take out a piece of bread and when cooled eat it. Repeat the procedure for three consecutive days.
For hair loss, use the following recipe: pour over rye bread with plain water and leave overnight. In the morning, crush the whole soaked eyelid and add one scoop of onion. Stir. Apply the mass to your hair. Tie your hair with a wool scarf. Let a few hours pass. Rinse your hair with water in the usual way. Hair will start to grow and become more beautiful and denser.


      • Thank you Amelia. My wife started baking bread yesterday and she did a great job and I wanted her to read your article as well so I shared it on Facebook so she could see it. Thank you so much. I have been enjoying your blog for months now and have learned many things especially the exercises you once posted about that are essential to do every day and I have been doing them every morning. Take good care and all the best. My greetings from Spain,

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      • Dear Mr. Francisco, Thanks so much for great and inspiring post. It is always positive when I read that people do home-made breads and other meals (when there is a time for it). I am so glad that you find some posts inspirational and helpful in your daily life and life of other people. I myself do the same with other bloggers and their great posts. We all can help each other whenever we can. Specially now when its time of isolation present around us. All the best to your family and yourself. Amela.

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