Simple breathing exercises we can do in our home

Sometimes we can all feel discomfort while breathing even though our lungs do not hurt or have any respiratory related illnesses. Excessive tension interferes with the respiratory muscles. Chronically increased vascular tone can lead to insufficient blood supply to vital organs.
There are simple breathing exercises that we can do in our home to further relax, restore normal breathing, and feel calm:
Exercise 1: Lie full length on your back. Put smaller pillows under your neck, knees, and under your back. Position the palms of your hands at the bottom of your chest (at stomach level). Then the middle fingers should touch slightly. Fully relax and breathe calm and peaceful. The tips of the middle fingers will diverge during each of your breaths (when your lungs start filling with air). When exhaling, the tips of the middle fingers will return to their original position. Breathing quality is improved during this exercise as the lungs are completely filled with air.
Exercise 2: Take three short breaths on the nose (without exhaling). At the first breath, stretch your arms out in front of you (level with your shoulders). With your second breath, extend your arms to the side (level with your shoulders). On the third breath, raise your hands above your head. Exhale deeply through your mouth, holding your hands above your head at the same time. The elbows are relaxed and the fingers are crossed. Repeat the exercise five to six times. This exercise is recommended by Chinese popular medicine.

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