Medicinal birch and birch tree leaves

cover page:
Spring allergies that we recognize with tear eyes and rhinitis (persistent or seasonal chronic mucosal inflammation
) are successfully treated by birch. Lately, birch juice has become a popular remedy for seasonal allergies. The old saying goes that even all acute and inflammatory processes in the human body can be successfully eliminated if we drink birch juice all day without consuming any food. Birch juice is a delicate beverage that slightly resembles water. Regular use of birch juice helps your body to get rid of all toxins, harmful substances and regenerate after a long and cold winter. Birch juice is especially recommended for people who work in a harmful environment (pharmaceutical and chemical industry). Birch juice purifies blood, lymph and liver. Reduces allergen content and improves overall condition. Allergy-prone individuals of all types are advised to use birch juice. One glass of juice before meals (thrice daily). Contraindications would be an allegory of birch pollen and bladder stones. People with bowel or stomach ulcers or increased acidity of gastric juice (frequent heartburn) should not overdo it with the consumption of birch juice.
Birch bark is a natural remedy used for household and medical purposes. Household birch bins are used. They keep honey, milk, mushrooms, berries, fish and the like for a long time. Birch bark contains a high proportion of the silver component that gives this material antibacterial properties. Fresh birch is always harvested or the leaves and bark are removed from the cut birch trees. The bark from the middle of the tree is the most valuable and useful. The healing ability of birch bark has been officially confirmed for medical use (in Russia). Carefully chopped bark is dried in fresh air and then ready for use.
The ancient Slovenian peoples called the birch a warm tree because this natural material gives people positive energy. In cold rooms, birch bark would always remain warm. The saying goes that if you observe the birch for a few minutes, hold the birch branch in your hands or a piece of birch bark, the nerves calm down, the tension subsides and the excitement disappears. Birch brings good health and resolves pain. The birch bark jewelry does not irritate the skin. Hairstyles and hairpins do not accumulate static electricity. Birch is also called “Russian ginseng”. Today, birch bark is used to treat malaria, pneumonia and fluid buildup. Birch relieves headaches, works against fungi and bacteria and normalizes blood pressure. Birch bark ash mixed with fat is used to treat herpes virus. Drop two or three drops of birch tar (made from birch bark) on a burning coal for indoor air disinfection. The air will be sterile after a fewminute. This method was used in ancient times to disinfect birth rooms. Home-grown birch products enhance the home’s atmosphere, clean the air and contribute to the tenants’ longevity.
In the late 20th century, scientists discovered that birch bark contained betulin. Betulin is a substance with potent antifungal, antiviral and antibacterial properties. Thanks to betulin, all objects made of birch are medicinal. Shoe inserts made from birch bark are the most useful. Due to the body heat, the substance “betulin” begins to evaporate slightly, releasing the medicinal property. Oncologists and immunity specialists believe that betulin strengthens the human immune system and helps stop cancer.
Using shoe inserts made from birch bark prevents the occurrence of rheumatism, fungal diseases of the feet and heels to prevent joint disease. Today, birch bark pads are worn in rubber boots, slippers, or winter footwear. The insoles absorb moisture, conserve heat and prevent sweating of the legs. Using the cartridges regularly will help you get rid of the bad smell of your feet. Betulin from birch bark evaporates and reaches the skin through the skin where it has healing effects. As a result, the inflammatory processes of the joints cease and the body’s resistance to the effects of pathogenic mycobacteria (bacteria, viruses, fungi) increases. It improves vision and has a positive effect on the heart, liver and lungs. The insoles are an excellent thermal insulator. In winter, they warm their feet, in the summer they cool their feet.
You can make the inserts yourself from two strips of birch bark. Take the birch bark from any tree, including the cut birch tree, because birch has kept its properties for years. Grease a thin layer of pine resin on the outside of the white side. Attach the second crust. Put a heavy item over it and hold for five days. Draw the contour of the cartridge and cross it with copper wire. You can fasten them with copper clips by placing them on a pattern on the cartridge. The final step is to cut the scissors along the previously drawn contour. The insole helps keep your feet healthy as wood and metal (copper) act as acupressure and aromatherapy. In summer, put cartridges on an ant (if you have this option) in the woods as bio impregnation will make them stronger for the treatment of diseased joints. The birch bark inserts help the rough and cracked skin of the feet and heels to become soft and pink. The circulation in the legs is normalized. The pads will initially be rigid to wear but after two three days the stiffness will disappear as the feet will melt together with the pads. The cartridges should be worn daily for a minimum of 3 to 4 hours for foot treatment, normalization of arterial pressure and epilepsy problems. Wear the pads barefoot, in case of continuous use of pads – use cotton socks.

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