Some plants in the psyche of humans create and enhance the consciousness of abundance

Probably we all often think that the whole current pandemic crisis was urgently needed for all of humanity to finally realize that over-spending and the “constant race for money and accumulating (mostly unnecessary) material things” should be more moderate in the future. We need to pay more attention to simple and basic life and our environment and the entire planet Earth. Only in this way we will be able to leave “something behind” for generations to come. It is clear that this crisis will leave behind economic consequences, impoverishment and worse living standards than we are used to. In the meantime, from time to time, we can create some manifestation technique that attracts abundance to people (and ourselves). Have each person (family) in each home, workplace or place where he or she resides make the manifestation technique of their choice. It is essential that we create an awareness of abundance in our psyche. The manifestation techniques that attract abundance are very simple. You can do them by planting certain plants, using of various crystals or by positive meditation or even by cooking. Plants can be included in the whole process.
Laurel, cedar, dill, clove, nutmeg, saffron and sage are popular plants that attract long-term abundance. You can grow them in the garden or in pots, hold pictures on the wall where they are painted, or use them as spices to make food.
The easiest short-term manifestation (desired reality) technique is cooking a meal that you will later spice up on one of these plants. It is with this intention (or popularly called today – with the intention of manifesting the desired reality), that is, by introducing food into the organism at the same time that we are introducing the desired intention into ourselves.
Tiger’s eye, emerald and jade are crystals that attract abundance and prosperity. If you have never dealt with manifestation (magic) techniques involving crystals, visualization of abundance and money is sufficient by writing on a piece of paper the wishes you want to fulfill.
Any meditation and intention for global healing of the planet is welcome. Such work would be best complemented by plants:
– for clearing negative energy: incense or frankincense(the most important plant), clove, sage, mint
– for purification: orange, lemon, lime, eucalyptus or essential oils of these plants
The best work for healing the Earth is to take concrete actions – recycling, simple living, moderation, frugality, nature conservation, planting and caring for plants, and landscaping.

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