10 interesting facts about cats

cover page: http://www.unsplash.com
1. The healing ability of cats has been known since ancient times. This fact has been scientifically proven.
2. Cats emit low-frequency currents that kill germs, boost immunity and establish a heartbeat.
3. Creating electricity depends on the length and specificity of the animal’s hair. Cats should be held and caressed frequently in the hands. Cats are soothing to humans before. Cats of all breeds remove the headache. They normalize blood pressure.
4. Siamese cats prevent colds in humans. They remove parasites and germs from the human body.
5. Cats of all breeds with long hair help people with neurological problems.
6. The British race improves the condition of people with cardiovascular disease.
7. Cats of all breeds with short hair improve the condition of people with gastrointestinal diseases, diseased kidneys and liver.
8. Cats of all breeds treat depression, insomnia and severe nervous disorders.
9. Generally cats increase their owner’s immunity.
10. Cats promote the owner’s overall health image. There is a risk of allergy to animals (cats) for humans. Sneezing, asthma and swelling, tearful and swollen eyes occur. An allergy test must be performed on animals. This confirms the diagnosis. Allergy manifestation is preceded by a period of sensitization when anti-allergen immunoglobulin anti-bodies are produced in the blood. This period may take longer. If the allergen remains in the body or is reintroduced, a reaction occurs. Allergies can be manifested for the first time in adulthood because the body changes over time (changes in hormones, changes in stress levels and the like). The body of a pet (hormonal imbalance) is also changing. Because of these factors, anti-bodies in the blood begin to act. This is how swelling or asthma occurs.
Dried Icelandic allergy lichen: Pour one full handful of dried Icelandic lichen (Lat. Cetraria Islandica) with cold water. Leave for two hours. Rinse with cold tap water. Leave it towel to dry. Pour the raw material with 0.5 liters of hot water. Cook for 20-25 minutes on low heat. Drink three times a day for half an hour before eating for ten days. If the allergy and side effects (asthma, tears, sneezing) do not stop doing an allergy test for your safety.


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