Bright orange Propolis beekeeping product

Propolis or so called “bee’s glue” is the most commonly used bee product. Bright orange propolis is several times more effective than gray propolis. Propolis boosts immunity and prevents influenza, viruses and colds. You can use it in two ways: pieces of propolis are dissolved in water, tea or milk. You can also use a tincture of propolis. Add half a tablespoon of extra-propolis to a glass of warm milk. Drink the beverage for ten days in small sips. You can make a medicinal drink by pouring 15 to 20 drops of alcohol propolis tincture (or water propolis tincture) into milk or water. It is advisable to drink the beverage in small sips to achieve its full effect.
You can use a pharmacy-bought propolis or a native water or alcohol propolis in a tincture. Water Tincture: The duration of this propyl is short (about one week). Preparation technology is more complex. This type of propolis can be used by children. Grow 30 grams of propolis. Pour half a glass of water over. With occasional stirring, cook on steaming for an hour. Leave it in a cooler place to cool. Keep in a closed glass jar (darker glass).

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