A universal cure has not yet been devised for allergy

The 21st Century has declared by the WHO (World’s Health Organization) a “century of allergy”. This unpleasant illness can occur during the seasons, during the spring, unexpectedly (usually on a single food item) or throughout the year. It covers all ages. It can be mitigated with pills, sprays and other pharmacy supplements (which will usually be purchased without a doctor’s prescription) or in natural ways. Most people know the substances, substances or foods they are allergic to (pollen, strawberries, eggs, etc.) and do not use these supplements in their diet.
Garlic and whey
Garlic and whey have been shown to significantly improve the condition of people suffering from some form of allergy. People with asthma (bronchial) or breathing problems are advised not to use dairy products in their diet (except whey). Milled products contain casein (creates mucus and increases blood viscosity). Whey alkalizes the body and expels accumulated mucus. You can drink 350 ml of whey with a little garlic (before meals) each morning. Also, you can smell the crushed garlic heads, which helps to quickly normalize your breathing.
People with allergies usually have a number of acute respiratory infections because their body responds to their own allergens and virus toxins. The cold usually lasts longer and is accompanied by sinusitis and otytis (inflammation of the sinuses and inflammation of the ear). With a viral infection, it is easier to get a bacterial infection. Nose drops are useful and even more useful is rinsing the nose with salt water. Paracetamol and ibuprofen with allergy tests and a visit to an allergist are recommended for a possible decrease in temperature. If an allergist prescribes antibiotics (adversely affecting the bowel and intestinal micro-flora) with pro-biotics (due to restoration of digestion in the intestines), the old knowledge is that then we should not use sauerkraut, yeast, beer, hard cheeses, dried fruit and yeast dough products .

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