People’s beliefs for every day of the week

People’s beliefs are likely to be passed on from generation to generation with verbal transformations through oral traditions. Something is added or changed with new customs but the essence remains the same. People’s beliefs have emerged after years of experience and happenings with all peoples of the world. Some beliefs are instructive, interesting, true or inaccurate, but the fact is that “there is some truth” in each belief, even though beliefs sometimes seem to be superstitious. Many rules were accepted without discussion.
According to people’s beliefs, the days of the week and allowed / prohibited activities and special rules follow:
Monday- It is always good to start any business / idea on this first day of the week. Do not borrow money from others on Mondays.
Tuesday – It’s not a good idea to start your journey on Tuesdays (unless we have to because of the combination of life circumstances). Do not lend money to others on Tuesdays. Hair should not be washed on Tuesdays or even on Sundays.
Wednesday- It is best to look for a pay raise on Wednesdays.
Thursday-Jupiter is the ruler of this day, so Thursday is suitable for all activities and starting a new business. Thursday is the so-called “benefactor” and ensures lasting happiness and prosperity. People used to organize weddings on Thursdays. Thursday is favorable for all persons engaged in advanced education, contracting important jobs, concluding and signing important contracts, performing important cash transactions. This is the most favorable day for foreign relations and long-term planning. There is some concern for this day for people who do not follow the established rules. Mowing on Thursdays is not recommended as it is believed that the flock of sheep / cows / horses will stop progressing. For Good Thursday, in some places plowed fields gather. The plowmen gather without merriment. They go to the fields with cattle, doing nothing. Ice is believed to break down on people who sow in the fields, fields, or work in the garden. As Thursday is the day before Friday, it is believed that women and girls do not need to do anything in the evening.
Friday- It is not good to wash men’s laundry on Friday mornings than afternoons. On Fridays, do not repay money (to someone) or lend anything (especially vinegar, milk, cheese, wool, or anything of animal origin). Fridays should not be combed because of a headache. The hair then quickly turns gray from combing. On Friday mornings, any unnecessary work should be avoided. Do not use the washing machine on Fridays (unless absolutely necessary). Do not vacuum, wash windows, or use a sewing needle these days. Some people go to extremes so they don’t bathe or cut their nails on Fridays. On Fridays, all jobs are closed, new jobs are by no means starting this day. There is a connection with Christianity, because then it grieves over the fact that Jesus Christ was crucified on the cross on Friday. Men don’t shave on Fridays. Do not eat milk, dairy products or meat. Do not work in the vineyard or on arable land.
Saturday – it’s good to have weddings this day because it’s the first day off after a work week. Good day to start your journey from your home.
Sunday- it’s good to get married on a Sunday. It’s good to dig a well on Sundays. It’s a good idea to end your trip on a Sunday (get to your destination / home). It is not good to travel somewhere from your home on Sundays (or when the moon is full in the sky).

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