Humanitarian Projects: Share With Others and Little Free Library

Ever since the corona-virus reached the United States soil, getting to food and essentials has become a big problem for many people. Because of this, a number of volunteer-owners of small, free libraries started leaving food and household resources (toilet paper, disinfectants and toiletries, etc.) instead of books in front of their homes.
Most people put food cans and packages of needed supplies in their boxes. Some people have taken a more personal approach: for example, one woman in Ojai, California, stuffs her small library box with fresh citrus from trees from her garden, while another leaves hand-sewn protective masks in Anacortes, Washington.


With this trend rising, Little Free Library has partnered with Share With Others to promote the transformation of small, free libraries into small, free kitchens. On an interactive map on the internet, the LFL indicates the locations of these small libraries – most of them in the US and Canada – that now contain food and other supplies. There are currently about 225 boxes on the map, and for each one you can see what it contains. The LFL encourages everyone to join the action, even if they are not registered members, they can add their locations to the interactive map.

Share With Others has also announced that they are observing everything that is happening and are following the stories of this conversion of libraries into kitchens – when all goes well, four boxes will be donated to individuals or communities who have been of special help.
CEO of LFL, Greg Mecger, concluded: “Owners who use their small libraries in this way show the better side of humanity in this challenging period.”


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