Why should I quit smoking?

23.11.2014 003
In 20 minutes, blood pressure returns to normal
In 8 hours the levels of carbon monoxide (toxic gas) in the blood drop by half. The oxygen level will return to normal.
In 48 hours, the chances of a heart attack decrease. All the nicotine will leave the body. The sense of taste and smell will return to normal levels.
In 72 hours, the bronchial tubes will relax. Energy levels will increase.
In two weeks-circulation will increase and improve in the next 10 weeks
In 3 to 9 months – problems with coughing and difficulty breathing will cease. Lung capacity will increase by 10%.
In a year, the risk of a heart attack will be halved.
In 5 years, stroke risk will be similar to that of non-cigarette / non-smoker users.
In 15 years, the risk of heart attack will be similar to that of non-smokers.
A 2014 scientific study found that within a year of smoking cessation (or hospitalization for heart attacks), people significantly reduced their stress and became less anxious. Dental problems decrease after you stop smoking. Tartar and gum disease are reduced, but also the danger of more dangerous diseases of the mouth and oral cavity.
Skin becomes smooth after smoking cessation. Cigarettes cause unwanted wrinkles around the lips and change the tone of the skin. Experts believe that only a month and a half after smoking cessation, the skin looks fresher and younger.
Scientists link smoking and baldness (in men). Older smokers have a higher risk of early baldness. Quitting smoking at middle age means increased life expectancy. Smoking as much as one to nine cigarettes per day reduces the life expectancy of women and men. Smokers do not feel mild food and generally feel less in the taste of food due to a different stimulation of the tasteful nipples on the tongue and less connection with blood vessels. Mild cold symptoms in smokers can turn into a serious health problem. One study found that exposure to tobacco smoke could cause immune system reactions.


    • Dear “Lookoom”,
      Thanks a lot for your comment. People try quitting with electronic cigarette but it that the right way? I do not know. You are absolutely right my friend its best not to start at all, if one can do it. Wishing you always the best. Amela

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  1. Great idea to stop smoking. As far as I know there are few if any benefits that you can’t get in other ways. I compare smoking to a deceitful friend – says it will keep you company, soothe your nerves and make you look ‘cool’. But it really makes you ill and steals your money……

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    • Dear “SunsetCoastHypnotherapy”,

      Great and clever comparison. Thank you very much for detailed and interesting comment. Wishing you all the best.


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