Dear Bloggers, Wish You All Happy May 2 – World Blogger Day

Blog posts can be interesting, personal, social or educational content accompanied by pictures, texts or videos on social networks that are intended for individuals interested in the blogger and influencer world. Blog posts also serve to build a personal brand through digital content creation. The question of becoming a blogger / influencer is becoming increasingly popular. It is also one of the most searched terms on google search. They all witness the seemingly easy life of individuals who post photos, texts, videos and enjoy it. The job or hobby of a blogger is much more than that, especially in the current circumstances of market saturation. It takes a lot of work, free time and effort to make the information that the blogger conveys useful and interesting to all readers (or most readers).
What does it mean to be a blogger?
Bloggers emerged in the 1990s as individuals who, with the popularity of the internet, took advantage of the immediate connection that was created between its users. Bloggers are beginning to share their hobbies and interests (in the form of simple texts, low quality photos and videos) in line with the advancement of technology at the time. Initially, it was your own space, website or blogging platforms. Later, with the rise of blogging popularity, similar content expanded to social networks like Facebook and Instagram which, due to the large number of users, became more suitable for reaching more people. Regardless of the channel of communication, the characteristic of blogging content creation is to include one’s own opinion, which humanizes the same content. Blogger makes it easier for you to connect with your audience. Because at the very beginning, bloggers were not paid for their opinions and all the products, services, and more were paid independently. There has been a great deal of trust with an audience that has increasingly visited various blogs of celebrities and celebrities around the world for opinion, advice and knowledge.
Who are influencers and how are they related to bloggers?
The word influencer has received a lot of negative meaning due to numerous abuse on social networks. In practice, it almost equates to the word starlet, alluding to a person who does not add value but relies on superficial indicators of success (such as outward appearance). Perhaps this description seems too strict. If we focus on female representatives of the influencer profession, anyone who has or has had anything to do with daily practice and business will find that influencer with over-interest has lost value. If we dwell on the substance of things, we will conclude that influencers are actually the bloggers who have succeeded in building a relationship of trust with their audience. They have the power to influence her. This power of influence is created by trusting and creating content that adds value and makes the blogger “follow” the audience. This content creation is actually like blogging. Here, creators become influencers if that content is packed with the blogger’s (or content creator’s) personal approach to the audience to inspire confidence. It’s basically the same content. Different names for people we call today only influencers. What they have in common is that they interact with their audiences on social networks by sharing different types of digital content.

How to get from blogger to influencer?
A blogger becomes an influencer when he manages to build so much trust with his audience that it can influence their thinking. The audience perceives him as one of them. The audience (readers or followers of the blog) feel they know it. They are willing to read / listen to his opinion on various topics. By creating value, the blogger engages the audience based on common interests. Blogger retains the audience (readers) with its credibility that builds over a long period of time. This is not about the so-called “celebrity influencers” who, for one reason or another, have gained a large number of followers (various public figures, personalities from the world of show biz) that people will follow and sometimes copy just to keep up with the trend. Not because they trust them. This article is about bloggers who start from scratch and want to become influencers, that is, they want to influence their audience based on trust.

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