Gymnastics for the eyes of the famous ophthalmologist V. Bates may be first aid for sharper vision

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The eyes are sensitive so they need special care. We regularly and almost daily spend several hours in front of laptops, computers and other technology aids. After that, we try to rest by reading the newspaper, watching TV and the like. In short, we do everything that allows the eyes to rest. According to statistics, every third person on the planet has some eye / vision problem.
For starters, check the lighting in the rooms where you reside most. If the light falls irregularly onto the work surface, the eyes become fatigued faster and unnecessarily strain. If you are reading the light should fall on the text on the left. When sitting in front of your monitor, remember to take a break of 2 to 3 minutes every 40 minutes. Do not watch TV in complete darkness. Vitamin C helps with cracked capillaries in the eye. If you work hard with your computer diet, add dietary supplements based on dried blueberry and beta-carotene extracts. The cause of eye inflammation is not easy to detect. The causes can be varied: cigarette smoke, cosmetics, nutrition, improper lighting, and more. It is recommended to wear glasses that are made of high quality material and provide protection against UV radiation.
Slightly swollen eyelids can be rubbed lightly with an ice cube. You can pour chamomile tea into an ice bowl. Ice the tea and gently rub the swollen eyelids with ice cubes.
The popular eye gymnastics of the famous ophthalmologist V. Bates:
– Stand by the window. For ten seconds, look at some very distant object. Then look away at the wristwatch. Repeat the exercise 15 times.
– Stand in the corner of the room. Without moving your head, you quickly scroll from the upper right corner of the room to the lower left end of the room. Then quickly switch eyes from the upper left end of the room to the lower right end of the room. Repeat 50 times.
– Standing in front of a strong light source for 3 seconds, look at that light source. Then cover your eyes with your hand to rest. Repeat the exercise 15 times.
Ophthalmologists generally recommend that these exercises be done twice a day. After one month of regular exercise, a break of two to three weeks should be taken. Then repeat the exercises.

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