Methods of the Russian scientist Sitin for healing and improving life

Russian scientist Georgy Nikolayevich Sitin holds four doctorates (in medicine, psychology, pedagogy and philosophy). Sitin developed a technique of self-healing by will and thought.
Improving then healing is triggered by thought and produced from within (by self-awareness or intention). Now, if we were to investigate how, why and what exactly the healing path was coming from, who knows where we would arrive and whether we could put together all the bits and pieces of an endless maze of human thoughts, wills, subconscious and, in fact, souls. What is important is that this method produces results. This is sufficient evidence for those who doubt and an even better recommendation to take the mentioned ones more seriously, especially if they need something like this. endless possibilities. One is Sitin’s emotionally willing self-belief shaped by thought.
Scientist Sitin was specifically concerned with the study of willpower. He has written several books in which he has authored texts that allow self-healing with thought-out expressions related to organ health. Sitin is a man of years who is himself the best advertiser of his method because he slowed his own biological clock and caused a rejuvenation. It treats people with specific texts. He is known for his Moscow Center, which bears his name. The cure rate for very serious illnesses is about 80%.
For anyone looking to explore this method and Dr Sitin’s book, type the name “Sitin” into Google search engine. Here are some very positive tips that are in the wake of this method. Many of the following can certainly help you in life. Try to adopt at least part of it and you will already feel better.
Dr. Sitin’s positive advice:
Simplify your habits. Discard everything that complicates your life.
Recall your favorite song and sing it daily more than once.
Moving, easy walking-everyday.
Ordinary gymnastics that are comfortable for your body.
At least briefly socialize with the people you love.
Dismiss all negative thoughts by simply letting them pass and not fight them. Let negative thoughts go.
Moderation in all consumption. You need to know how to tell yourself when it’s enough and leave a good feeling inside. Listen to yourself.
In the morning (and in the evening) greet yourself and wish yourself the best.
Look at your work. Do not deal with what is not your concern. Everything has its course.
If you meet young people or children, play with them and enjoy yourself.
Be silent if you have not been asked.
The word is power. When you talk, let it be meaningful. Be aware of the purpose of the content of what you say.
Listen carefully to others because they are probably close to you for something important to tell you. Something you need to hear.
Give others more joy than they expect.
When giving, do not expect anything in return. That will come back later and on some other side.
Neither wastefulness nor pity, but the golden mean.
Let go of all the worries because they don’t solve anything anyway. Just be aware that you are in the process of getting things started and it is your turn to correct. Everything goes and it is sorted out in order. The one in space.
If you feel you have made a mistake, do your best to correct it, but reject the remorse. We are all human.
Always be open to change, but also patient.
Virtues are a valuable asset, far beyond material wealth that does not actually bring happiness.
If you make a lot of money, give a piece to help someone. You will feel fulfilled and someone will be grateful to you.
Whenever there is an opportunity, laugh. Of course, honestly.
Whenever you are able to help someone, do it without wondering if you will get anything for it. It is already in a higher law above us. It’s not up to you to expect or measure. It is enough to know that he always comes back.
Live honestly and honestly, because when you get older, you will enjoy it a second time.
When you’re sick, be patient and believe in a better tomorrow. When you are well, do not boast, but share your joy with others, so you will be even better.

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