Soft and healthy skin without expensive facial skin care products

All of the above are suggestions you can make in your kitchen. Some of the recipes may be confusing and unusual, but proven effective.
12 home tips and tricks for radiant, soft and healthy skin during a self-isolation period:
1. Put some fruit (optional), some aloe gel, yogurt or sour cream in the blender. Make a homemade mask for smooth skin.
2. For hand care, mix sour cream with banana. Add lavender oil. Grease your palms with this mixture and wrap them in two plastic bags. The skin on your hands will be softer after half an hour.
3. Mix one full cup of sugar with Vitamin E (in oily form). Stir until the mass is thick. Rub the body with this mixture. Vitamin E will have nutrients on the epidermis. You will remove all dead skin cells of the body.
4. On cold days, use preparations with Vitamin E, which protects against cold. Helps keep the skin hydrated from the inside.
5. Put milk or body cream on a warm heater or radiator. Using a warmer preparation will warm the musculature, which will have a relaxing effect on the heat.
6. Avocado oil contains vitamins and balances skin’s moisture level. After washing, apply a few drops of avocado oil to your face. Cover your face with a warm towel. Heat allows for better absorption.
7. Kiwi contains a high concentration of Vitamin C. Cut the kiwi into slices. Rub your face with kiwi slices.
8. Old-fashioned Bathtub: Fill the tub with water. Add your favorite bath bath, a handful of salt and some essential oil.
9. Homemade Peeling Recipe: Mix one cup of olive oil, one cup of ground oatmeal and one cup of brown sugar. Pack the scrub in a jar. Shake the body with this mixture before each shower. The skin will be soft and smooth.
10. Apply a few tablespoons of extra virgin olive oil to your face for beauty and boosting immunity. If you are bothered by the intense odor of this oil, add a little sugar, which will reduce the olfactory odor.
11. After shampooing, rinse your hair with beer. Yeast and hops made from beer will give the hair its firmness and volume.
12. Lubricate your face with honey once a week. After 15 minutes, rinse. Honey cleanses pores and makes skin softer.

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