The Stevia plant is a healthy and sweet substitute for sugar

The stevia plant is a great substitute for sugar. It can serve as an ideal and healthy alternative to artificial sweeteners. Healthy nutritionists claim that white sugar, flour, and salt are unhealthy foods. This is why the Stevia plant is often used as a substitute for sugar. The extract of this plant has been used for centuries as a sweetener in Paraguay and Brazil. The European Food Safety Authority 2011 has approved the Stevia plant and its use. Today, this plant is more widespread in the world. It is used as a supplement to food and drink. This natural sweetener is 300 times sweeter than sugar and artificial sweeteners. Stevia does not increase blood sugar levels so it does not cause an insulin reaction in the body. It actually increases tolerance to sugar making it an ideal herb for diabetics.
An interesting fact is that stevia prevents caries. That is why toothpaste is made from this plant. Guarani Indians used Stevia 1700 years ago for various ailments (rapid wound healing, obesity, fatigue, increased stomach acid, fungus, increased uric acid and gout, to strengthen the pancreas, liver and spine, for sore throat, for skin youth). Stevia preserves youth and erases the trail of years. Reduces wrinkles, clears sun spots, treats insect bites (mixes with chrysanthemum and clay so the mixture is applied to the skin). Stevia has been in use in China since the 16th century. It is used in cones medicine as a substitute for the licorice plant and is thus given to pregnant women as there are no side effects that can damage the fetus.
Stevia has no side effects reported with artificial sweeteners (especially aspartame). People who used stevia on a daily basis reduced their need for fatty foods, severe hunger, the need for sugary foods, facilitated digestion, stabilized blood pressure and new blood glucose.

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