10 types of gemstones that determine your personality

Since ancient times, gemstones are believed to affect human destiny. People have always made talismans and charms, trying to draw positive energies into their lives and counteract any negative influences. Each gem that you like best has certain characteristics in accordance with your character. Properly selected stones in accordance with the characteristics of the individual brings happiness to those who have it and protects the person from negative influences.
1. Pearl-worthy and proud persons choose pearls. This gem is suitable for wise, generous and harmonious persons. These are calm and kind people who think before they say anything. The main motive for these people is to help others. These individuals are not overly motivated by money. They have strong views. These are thoughtful and patient people who dislike hypocrisy. These people love long-term relationships and are friends for life. Good listeners who love one-on-one conversations are good. Sometimes it’s okay to say no, so be more selective throughout your life.
2. Rubin’s people are passionate. Powerful and full of life. A restless character that sometimes infuriates other people. These are people full of energy who love to have the best for themselves and love to win. These are people who love the challenges, the risks and the very enterprising. Reduce your focus of action to get better results. Work on your communication skills and learn to be more sensitive to other people’s feelings.
3. Peridot — one of a small number of gems that occurs in only one color — olive green. It is found deeply buried under the Earth. It is found in meteors that have fallen to Earth. This stone is chosen by curious people who tend to entertain other people and spread joy. Peridot is a rarity and a mystery. That’s why they choose this stone, unique, different and somewhat extravagant. Don’t be afraid of the challenge. These are tolerant and somewhat unusual persons, prone to unusual things in life. These persons love the universe, the harsh nature, the mystery, the invisible things and the strange people.
4. Tanzanite – The only site in the world to excavate this stone is the district of Simanjiro (Tanzania). That is why tanzanite is the rarest gem in the world.passionate. You have a strong aura. People like to be around you. This stone is used by psychics in their research. It is strongly associated with the other (magic) side. Trust your instincts.
5. Citrine is a crystalline variety of quartz. It was named after the Greek word “Kitro” (lemon). Made of iron has a yellow color. A rare stone sometimes called the “sun stone”. It is believed to contain pure sunlight. To never absorb anything negative. If you choose citrine, you are enthusiastic, creative and enthusiastic. People attracted to citrine love teamwork. You are a cheerful and confident person, capable, skillful, agile and enterprising. You are the person who shines through the dark clouds.
6. Diamond – If you choose diamonds, you are a strong, determined and courageous person. You support the people around you. Diamond means untouchability and unbreakability. You know the priorities because you are standing firmly on your feet. You set a good example for other people, especially during difficult times. You have ingenious ideas because you are a visionary in life. Take advantage of this feature. Work to make this world a better place to live.
7. Blue Topaz – People who love this stone are grim, laid back and often imagined in their world. They enjoy peaceful moments of life. You have strong and calming energy. Your communication skills are impeccable. These abilities help you through life. You love loneliness, meditation, stay in nature especially near the water. You think a lot about topics that other people are not interested in. You have developed intuition and empathy. You can be good teachers, estheticians, spiritual guides, healers. You are brilliant and above all meticulous.
8. Pink tourmaline – this stone is an aphrodisiac that attracts love in the spiritual and material world. The people who choose this stone are compassionate and sensitive in nature. They are honest and it is a real refreshment to be in their company. This does not mean that they are weak opponents. Scientists have discovered that this stone emits an electrical charge by rubbing or heating it. People who love this stone can be electric when they are “blended in”. You do not forgive the people who once deceive you.
9. Aquamarines are compassionate people drawn to the oceans or the distant moon. Your discussions are humorous. Your adventures are extra-adventurous. You are very analytical and able to discuss any topic in detail. You live life to the fullest, as it should be. People love you and want to be in your company.
10. Amethyst persons who choose this stone are vital and clear heads. You radiate strength and honor in everything throughout your life. Nothing gets in your way. You can be a great parent and teacher. Sometimes though, try to have fun. You are a wise, old-fashioned soul who willowly recognizes the things of life as they are. That’s why other people appreciate and respect you. Sometimes you are a little scared. Learn to stay wise in a sometimes childish way, light and docile. Release your seriousness sometimes and take a break from yourself.
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