Human touch/contact is important as food and water, even though there is a time when human touch is undesirable

Human touch is an important link in human communication. Touch is as important as food and water.
Human hands are important for communication because they heal, wound dressings. In the hands is the love of the body with the body and souls with the other soul. Or as someone put it – Hands are always true, even when the face is not genuine. In the context of the duration of a pandemic, the important question is what about the sexual relationship of free men, the male and female duality of biology and reproduction as a biological process.
In recent months, we’ve been watching a lot of things on TV, reading in newspapers and web content. The conclusion that is being made (according to recent statements) is that we will never be able to shake hands again. The message from the various Institutes of Public Health is that the handling is a thing of the past. On the other hand, there is a softer option, Sylvie Brand, director of the World Health Organization (WHO) Global Infections Program, who recommends alternative greetings (elbow, tilt, or simply waved).
Most virus-related articles say that for a long time, we will not be able to touch each other, shake hands and be in close contact. If they turn out to be true, these are very troubling statements that will change a lot of that is essential in man.
If it takes “hitting” the core values ​​(health) it means that we will slowly break away from attachment, becoming more insecure, less empathetic, with less self-esteem, and taking away our own opinions. Imagine one mother not touching her child. That in a moment of uncertainty the child does not feel her hands, shoulder, her neck, face, her kiss. This world has already taken us far. Although a man always instinctively seeks out a touch when he needs it. People who are afraid of hugs and touches and who are sadly damaged in childhood confirm these claims. Slowly the human race is being eradicated from everything natural and necessary. The fundamental values ​​for a human being are health and life. The corona-virus or condition we live in has already led to a significant increase in anxiety in humans. Psychiatric help is sought. Even people who have never had a problem have been looking for her. Psychiatric hospitals and institutions are filling up. Psychiatrists predict that more people will be there. The rise in drug consumption has never been greater. Is there a missing hand that will touch, pardon and say – don’t worry everything will be fine? Why not talk about it?
Are nations so ill created, protecting them? This is the more serious part of the story. The less serious part (only in the context of the duration of the epidemic) is that no one questions the sexuality of free men, the male and female duality of biology and reproduction as a biological process that creates offspring with a combination of genetic material. Sex drive is not just a primitive urge. It is closely related to our emotions and our psychic life. In addition, contacts will be left when going to the hairdresser, pedicurist, masseur. In ambiguities, contradictions, one thinks, draws parallels, questions. And that is only correct. Quite a number of people dispute any thinking. It’s the same as silencing one Maeterlinck who wondered – Why is a storm blowing over one roof constantly and a starry sky constantly shining over the other? Why is it given to one individual ingenuity, health, wealth, and to the other misery, sickness and dullness? , Freedom is a paradox. Freedom is innate to man to defend his thoughts and actions. To say what he must and deems necessary. It is his right and the right of the community to hear. It needs to be listened to and heard. Only in this way will a person be able to see. To be deaf to the power of the listening skill is to suppress and destroy that same skill and gift. Why destroy a gift? Isn’t that unnecessary and stupid ?! Isn’t this the messiness of our soul ?! Is the pace of life, the confusion brought about by modern society and civilization the reason for killing our own power. It is not. It can take us away, make us forget what is important. Forgetting is only a patina-covered memory that we can relive. So let’s get rid of that dangerous work that moves us away from reasoning and reasoning, and leads only to instinct. In all these uncertainties, the confusion that has arisen, the questions of how we will adapt, to live without touch, if necessary, one comes to ask a pardon for one’s own crumbled thoughts. But what is left of man now than to obey the instructions. Nobody wants to show that he is irresponsible to himself and others. Is that a factor that counts?

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