The Lily of the Valley flower brings back happiness and love to life

The Lily of the Valley flower or May’s bell flower is a well-known and favorite ornamental plant. It has been used as a medicine since ancient times. Lily of the valley or May bell (Latin name Convallaria Maialis L.) is about 20 cm tall. There is a species called C. Majalis Grandiflora whose flowers are larger. Usually it has two oval leaves that protrude from the base itself. On the upper part, it is sprinkled with white and bell-shaped hanging flowers with a pleasant aroma.
It grows in shady and sheltered parts of gardens. It originates in forests throughout the temperate climates of Europe and Asia, and in the eastern United States. It is found in hilly areas, meadows, and deciduous (oak) forests. It is grown also around houses. It contains about 20 cardiac glucosides, flavonoids, alkaloids and the main medicinal convalatoxid. Then the plant contains essential oil, calcium oxalate, citric acid and malic acid. The root of this plant contains asparagine. The root is thick, articulate, horizontal in whitish color. It blooms in May. The whole plant is harvested. It should be quickly dried and stored in well sealed cans.
Wash hands thoroughly after picking. The leaves are harvested before flowering (when there are still buds). The whole plant is harvested at the beginning of flowering. Fresh herbs are more medicinal than dried. The flower of the plant is more medicinal than the rhizome. The fruit is a red bean about 8 mm in diameter. Contains 2 to 6 blue seeds. The May bell is a perennial plant. From the lily family.
The May bell brings love to one who gets it or picks it up. This flower symbolizes the “return of happiness.” There are more legends about this flower. According to one legend, the tears of the Virgin turned into a flower when she wept in front of the cross of Jesus Christ. According to another legend, the flower originated from Eve’s tears when she was about to leave paradise. This is why the May bell symbolizes the return of happiness and purity of heart. In the old days, boys and girls always picked these flowers because it was believed to bring love into human lives. Somewhere there is a custom for people to embrace these flowers as a symbol of a blossoming spring. The May bell is a national flower in some countries.
The May bell has beautiful, white and fragrant hanging flowers arranged in bunches. Each flower has 6 petals that resemble a bell. The leaves are dark green in color – two or three leaves each on the flower stem. They last until the fall.
All parts of this flower are poisonous, bitter and angry in taste.
Application. The plant is poisonous-CAUTION! Anti-venom: cook oak bark in milk when popping lily of the valley! It is used to treat heart disease, regulates heart function, strengthens it, relieves cramps and has a beneficial effect on blood vessels. Contains toxic glycosides and alkaloids. For the treatment of cardiac nervousness it is combined with Valerian tincture. The flower is used in waterborne disease, heart disease, epilepsy, and apoplectic stroke (stroke). Fresh herbs are more healing and lasting and have a stronger effect.
Type of use. In people’s medicine it is used in the form of a tincture. Put fresh lily-of-the-valley flowers in a half liter bottle (fill it up to 3/4), top it with brandy to the top, leave to stand for 2 weeks, process. Take 10-15 drops daily with water.
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