Dried fruits are a source of protective substances

The old method of storing food is to dry fruits (and other foods) in the sun with the purpose of eliminating water and preventing spoilage of fruits and foods. This method was created centuries before the freezing and canning of food. Not much has changed since then. Today, fruits are dried in the same natural way, ie exposed to the sun’s rays. The method of drying fruits in the sun is certainly one of the oldest methods of storing food for future use. It was created even before the old method of salting food and smoking food. Dried fruits are very desirable on tables. It is an abundant source of calories and various protective substances.
In our daily diet, we often forget about dried fruits, whose drying season begins in May. The abundance of fruits is transformed into a more permanent form, among other methods of preservation. It dries or removes moisture from fruits and foodstuffs intended for drying. This is achieved by drying in the sun (and without the sun), by forced drying in drying rooms (under the influence of warm air and strong fans), and by rapid evaporation (lyophilization) Microbial and enzymatic degradation is not possible without moisture. Dried fruits, whether plums, apricots or bananas, can be stored for years without significantly compromising quality. Dried fruits are safe and healthy foods in which all the nutrients are concentrated. The energy value of dried fruits is increased by as much as 6 to 10 times, that this statement is true testified by top athletes who regularly consume dried fruits due to their enormous energy needs.
The conclusion follows that dried fruit is just the preferred item on dining tables from May (spring) to next year. The older generations wisely concluded and passed on their knowledge to the younger generations that it was always advisable to have a bowl of dried fruits and nuts on the table.

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