4 unusual books to read in May

1.”The Kiss Thief” (L.J. Sheh) legend says that the first kiss should be fought for and deserved. In this love story there is one kiss, two men and three lives intertwined.
Francesca Rossi has lived in a golden cage all her life. She was only certain that she would marry Angel Bandini, the heir to one of the most powerful families of the Chicago Underground Union. She and Angelo have known and loved each other all their lives. Her first kiss was stolen by a masked devil under a black Chicago sky, Senator Wolfe Keaton. He is ruthless, strong, ambitious and charming when it suits him. Above all, he is known as an incorrigible womanizer. Francesca’s world collapsed when she was forced to marry Wolfe instead of Angel. Wolfe blackmailed Francesca’s father into his sins to force him to become his wife. Francesca remains stuck between a future she has imagined and a present that is unbearable to her. Her heart split in two. It was bleeding for two rivals who fought for it to the bitter end.
About the author: In the five years since she published her first novel, Tyed, L. J. Shen has become one of the most popular authors of contemporary romantic novels around the world. Her love intrigues, plots and irresistible romances were not resisted by millions of readers who are eagerly awaiting each new title. So far, she has written 16 novels. Each novel reached the top of the Washington Post and USA Today readership lists after its publication. The same success was achieved by her first novel On the famous Goodreads page, which is followed by millions of readers, the book “The Kiss Thief” has a high score of 4.1 out of a maximum of 5. In addition to high marks, this title was nominated in the category for best love novel 2019. year according to the choice of the readers of Goodreads. The novel boasts that it was the second best-selling novel on the Amazon site and the second most sought after among Kindle device users.
‘To Kill a mocking Bird’ (Harper Lee) is a literary classic written by American writer Harper Lee
2.’To Kill a mocking Bird’ is a wonderful story about love, morals, upbringing, friendship, life wisdom, but about tolerance and understanding of the different – understanding people of different skin color and way of life. those years of the last century. The story is told by a little girl, Scout, who watches with wide eyes and experiences life in her hometown, a sleepy town in Alabama.
Published in 1960, the novel brought the author the Harper Lee Pulitzer Prize, the President’s Medal of Freedom, and numerous other literary awards and recognition. It has sold more than one hundred million copies worldwide. The novel has been translated into more than 50 languages. The book became a classic of American literature. It is considered one of the best and most beautiful novels of the 20th century.
3.Diabetes NoMore (Alan Brown) – beat diabetes and start living a healthy life in just 1 month! : premium edition with bonuses
Number of pages 159
• Helps reverse diabetes
• Naturally controls diabetes
• Simple and without lifestyle changes
• 100% natural and without side effects
Thanks to the new Diabetes NoMore program, you can fight diabetes in a completely natural way. All you need to do is follow a simple program that does not require major lifestyle changes. It is the result of many years of diabetes research and is 100% natural and without side effects.
The NoMore diabetes program consists of 3 steps that will take you to health. It is a solution that naturally encourages the body to perform its functions. Contains over 40 pages of recipes that will make your life easier and allow you to reverse your diabetes!
Diabetes NoMore can be used regardless of what type of diabetes you have. Type 2 diabetes completely reacts to this solution, but it is extremely important that this is the only known treatment that can work on type 1 diabetes as well! Diabetes NoMore is also recommended for people who suffer from so-called prediabetes, because it will prevent the disease from fully developing.
Follow the Diabetes NoMore program and don’t skip the steps. Before taking the first step, consult your doctor. As the sugar level decreases, you will adjust the dose of the medication in agreement with the doctor. Under no circumstances should you stop taking medication without a doctor’s approval!
Little Fires Everywhere (by Celeste Ng) -Shaker Heights is a quiet and rich suburb of Cleveland. Everything here is carefully planned – from the floor plan of the winding streets to the colors of the houses and the future success of its inhabitants. No one embodies the spirit of the city better than Elena Richardson. Elena is playing by the rules as a guiding thread in life. Everything is perfect until the mysterious artist and single mother Mia Warren comes into that idyllic soap bubble. Mia adds her daughter Pearl who is a teenager. Rent a house from the Richardsons. Mia and Pearl will soon become more than tenants: none of Richardson’s four children can resist this quirky mother-daughter couple. But Mia carries with her an enigmatic past and contempt for rules. These rules and riddles could turn this caring community upside down. When Richardson’s old family friends try to adopt a child of Chinese descent, a custody battle dramatically divides the city – putting Mia and Elena on opposite sides. Doubting Mia and her motives, Elena is determined to uncover the secrets of Mia’s past. But because of that obsession, he will pay an unexpected, terrible price.
About the author: Celeste Ng is the author of two novels that have won millions of readers in the shortest period of time. The novels have won numerous awards. After being selected by Goodreads, a popular social network for reading lovers, the novel was included in the list of the best books from 2017, a new treat has arrived for fans of this novel. One of the best books of the past year will receive a TV adaptation, modeled on “Big Little Lies”, a series that repeated the success of the book of the same name by author Liana Moriarty. Ng has sold a record two million copies of both novels in the United States alone.

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