Ensure a good mood all day with 3 minutes of exercise

A morning gymnastics system called DO-IN exists in Tibet. It is gymnastics that is done without getting out of bed. It only takes 3 minutes. The secret of this method is described in the book “Secrets of Ancient Tibet” by an author who specializes in traditional Eastern medicine (the book is in Russian “Secrets of Ancient Tibet”, author: Sofia Sturchak).
According to the author, this method, which has changed the lives of many people, will help us as well. It takes 3 minutes to get active and ensure a good mood all day.
Complete DO-IN gymnastics includes 25 exercises. In our rhythm of life, 25 exercises sounds too long. Therefore, we recommend a mini-complex consisting of 5 basic exercises. These exercises will ensure a good all-day mood.
It is advisable to do these exercises after waking up, in bed. You can also do them at any time, when you need to.
All these exercises activate important points of our body that are responsible for daily vitality and energy. If desired, this method can be mastered by any person and personally convinced of its effectiveness and efficiency. It is important – do not be lazy! Because only 3 minutes, only 5 exercises and we will get fantastic results.
Gymnastics DO-IN: Three-minute exercises without getting out of bed
Exercise 1.
Rub your ears thoroughly with your thumb and forefinger, then your palms. A total of 10-20 rubs with fingers and 10-20 rubs with palms.
Exercise 2.
Caress the head with the open palm of the right and left hand, starting from the forehead to the nape of the neck 10-15 times.
Exercise 3.
Make the movement “washing the face with open palms”. Move your arms 15-20 times up and down (including cheeks and temples).
Exercise 4.
Sit down, intertwine the fingers of both hands and place them on the back of your head. Try to push your head back, overcoming the resistance of your hands. Do this 15-20 times at a medium pace.
Exercise 5.
Sit slightly forward while sitting. With the bulges of both palms, rub the lumbar back with up and down movements. Move your right and left hands in opposite directions. Start from the spine by moving towards the side surfaces. Make 20-30 movements with gentle pressure.

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