Properly illuminate your home to make feel comfortable and satisfied

Headaches, numb eyes and frustration because you do not see well what you are doing (for example in the kitchen or working-studio) are symptoms of poor lighting in the home. A properly and well-lit home will give a feeling of comfort, convenience and satisfaction. The main thing with good lighting is to make flexible lighting that can be changed depending on the time of day and the type of use of the room.
The rule is that with “just one or two clicks”, you can turn a bright room (where you do any work) into a room for pleasant events and socializing. This is achieved by the proper arrangement of lamps and chandeliers. Although the basic purpose of the room depends solely on the natural light coming through the windows. So pay attention to which side the natural light comes from and thus determine the purpose of a particular room in the home.
Windows facing north – this is probably the coldest room. It is always dark and gloomy. Artists love to choose it for their workspace. It has no glitter and gives a natural tone to the colors.
Windows facing east — here the morning light will shine though. You won’t see the sun for the rest of the day. Artificial lamps are needed. Place them on the north side of the room. This room is ideal for people who wake up early in the morning. It is ideal for the bedroom.
Windows facing south — the light is warm and cozy all day in this room. The intensity of the light changes according to the season. This room is ideal for a kitchen, living room or studio. This is a room where you will spend a lot of time. Make sure that the sun’s rays do not hit directly on TVs, screens, monitors and other similar items.
Windows facing west — in the hottest part of the day the sun’s rays will enter this room. This is an ideal space for evening atmospheres. It is a good idea to turn this room into a balcony with a window over the entire wall.

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