The composition of face, body and hand creams is richer – creams are useful for additional care

09.02.2015 009
The composition of most skin care creams is richer (compared to gels, lotions and body milk), so the creams also serve for additional care. Recommended for sensitive body parts (face and décolleté). Depending on the active ingredients, the creams prevent the formation of wrinkles, pigmentation spots and similar irregularities on the skin.
Medicinal beeswax creams
When building honeycombs, bees secrete healing wax. Beeswax is one of the most healing substances in the world. This natural wax is obtained by secretion from the glands of honey bees. The bees actually secrete wax plates of a completely white color. Wax in contact with air (from that amount of propolis and pollen) gets a darker, yellow color. Bees use beeswax to make honeycombs (honeycombs) and when closing the lid of mature honey. Making lemon balm for humans today is still incomprehensible. This is one of the reasons why people respect bees and bee activities. Namely, the bee builds the queen during the dark part of the day. There are no drawings or planned projects according to which the bees built the queen. Regardless of that, bees make regular hexagons or queen cells in the shape of a hexagon with precision.
Beeswax has a pleasant and mild odor. The specificity of the wax is especially pronounced when heated. The wax cannot be dissolved in water. It is soluble in essential and fatty oils. That is why beeswax is increasingly used in today’s cosmetics industry. Beeswax is a common ingredient in natural creams. Beeswax consists of 300 compounds. This makes it an ideal natural base when making creams.
Tip plus:
Face and body milk is quickly absorbed and spreads more easily on the body. It is suitable for all parts of the body and most skin types.
Face and body lotions are quickly absorbed. They do not leave greasy marks on the skin. In addition to protecting the skin from the sun, they compensate for lost skin moisture.
Body gels-have a non-greasy structure. They are suitable for people with oily and combination skin. Sometimes they have a skin cooling function (depending on the composition).

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