One-day or multi-day excursions in Tuzla Canton: spring and summer 2020

Tuzla Canton (in Bosnia and Herzegovina) abounds in numerous picnic areas for one-day or multi-day stays (for example, overnight stays in mountain lodges). Some of the picnic areas from this area of ​​Bosnia and Herzegovina are: Bistarac, Zlaca, Konjuh (famous Muška voda) and many others.
For people who prefer adventure, the Majevica mountain is a great choice. Mount Majevica is full of great sites. There are still very few mine-free sites on Majevica, so you should pay attention to signposts and signs. Majevica on the route Previle-Humci or Dokanj-Sibosnica is completely safe.
The part of Majevica over Ban hill is more or less safe. Upstairs there are nice places to see and enjoy the locality.
It is recommended to pass Stolovi near the dam, park the car near the Zlaca hotel. Then walk up towards Mount Varda. There is maybe an hour of walking through the beautiful nature. Nature is beautiful especially on the site when you cross a small bridge over a mountain stream, and continue up towards the mountain house. And once you get up there the nature is beautiful, especially in the winter (experts of this terrain claim).
There is a large fountain (for 30 people), barbecue, baking, skewer, and tables that are covered. There is a house for afternoon sleep / rest. Next to the mountain house there is a shed with wood and a fire lantern. The house has a ground floor and 1 floor. On the first floor is a huge room, filled with beds on both sides. There is a small passage in the middle. 30 people can sleep comfortably there. Downstairs there is a small kitchen with 3 beds (one single bed and one double bunk bed). There is a living room with 3 bunk beds. Overnight is 7 KM (about 4 EUR). There is a night watchman who lights a fire and makes tea (as needed). Beautiful. A walk through these landscapes is especially beautiful in summer when the shade is all the way to the mountain lodge. Although there is an (unofficial) ban on cars (on this road) – some drivers do not respect it. People go by car to the stream and the bridge – because they can’t go any further. There is a small extension where drivers (hikers) leave their cars. This part of Konjuh Mountain has been trying for years to protect itself from poachers, forest thieves, pollution and other dangers to the mountain, forest and the environment. Attempts are being made to make this part a “protected zone”. In this mountainous part of the Tuzla Canton are the mountains Varda, Konjuh and Zeleboj. These three locations are ideal for hikers and nature lovers. Forests are not mined. There was no war here (from the period 1992-1995) so you can easily walk / walk through these landscapes. The ambiance is beautiful. Beware of wild boars and wolves. Also, there are bears but not some invasion of these wild forest animals. So, the whole way to the Varda Mountain Lodge (Banovići municipality) is worth going through because the ambience is extremely beautiful. Experts say that it is easy to climb Mount Varda, but it is interesting when you continue from Varda in a semicircle to other mountains. It is especially said to be interesting to climb in winter and then go down on your back or stomach in 10 minutes.
If you decide to spend the weekend in the towns of Banovići and Živinice, you will be pleasantly surprised by the beauty of the landscape. There are almost no mined areas in this area because the war was minimal or non-existent. On the remains of a surface mine you can (near Živinice), for example, visit an artificial lake. The locals call it “Paradise Lake”. You need to walk small paths. It is nice to visit it in all seasons. It is not difficult to visit it at all in winter. They say it is most beautiful during the fall because of the beauty and colors present wherever you look. For hiking enthusiasts, it is recommended to visit or walk to the Javorje picnic area.
cover photo:
photo: (photo by Nihad Kadić)

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