Advantages and disadvantages of increasingly present work from home

2020-05-11 11.07.15
Working from home for companies and employees has a number of advantages, the most famous of which are lower costs, higher productivity and flexible working hours. This kind of work can be good for people who love and want such work. The fact is that due to prolonged sitting and alienation from the outside world, this type of work hides certain pitfalls.
We know that the COVID-19 pandemic has forced tens of millions of people around the world to work from home. It will probably be an introduction to a new age. Then the “office” (in all its forms) will go into the past in many occupations. Although there are exceptions, we know that it is inconceivable in the natural sciences that scientists can make discoveries in home laboratories. Doctors also cannot treat all illnesses from home. There are exceptions here as well. But in many occupations, going to work every day on a daily basis could be as outdated as a typewriter is today, or sending greeting cards by mail. Twitter has made it possible for employees (who want to) to work from home “forever”.
Nicholas Bloom, a professor of economics at Stanford University in California /The United States of America), warned of some negative aspects of working from home (decline in creativity). Bloom, noting that due to the pandemic of 2020 and 2021, years could be lost for many inventions.
Bloom conducted a two-year study on 1,000 workers of a Chinese company. Half of the 1,000 workers chose to work from home. They came to the office once a week to keep in touch with the workplace. They turned out to be 13% more productive than their office colleagues. Only 30 workers (500 of them) changed their minds after the end of the experiment. They returned to the office. The remaining 500 workers did not want to work from home. They felt they would feel isolated and lonely. Bloom is an advocate of working from home (only for those who want it). He thinks it is good for them to come to work at least once or twice a week. It encourages more creativity. This is how they maintain a connection with the workplace. The balance of private and business Bloom holds that most creativity happens ‘face to face’. Other people encourage us to be motivated and ambitious. Today, working from home is made possible by many occupations thanks to new technologies. Through new technologies, consultations are even possible with doctors.
Pros and benefits of working from home:
-enables flexible working hours, which is important for people with large family responsibilities
-abolishes sometimes long trips to work and back
-enables more free time and improves the balance between life and work
-reduces employers’ costs of renting and equipping expensive premises
Disadvantages of working from home:
-you must have a separate space for uninterrupted work. Due to inadequate housing opportunities for many families, this is often not feasible
-lack is the lack of direct feedback on the quality of work, ie the possibility of errors that are subsequently detected
-Meetings, seminars and conferences are always better live.
When we talk about certain groups of people, working from home is more suitable for introverts. Suitable for people who prefer independence in work and decision-making. A person who wants to work from home needs to be very disciplined and responsible. Work and rest times should be determined. A person should count on the fact that in the event of a crisis situation, he must solve everything himself. When we work with other people, we tend to sometimes shift some of the work to a colleague. This is difficult if you work in your home. An employer who organizes work from home must have very good organizational and communication skills. Explain exactly what and when he wants. A lot of work in the offices is solved “on the fly”. This is harder to do with work from home. In recent months, it has become clear that people are easily adaptable. Nothing is a problem, even if that period is longer. But working from home as a “permanent form of work” is a great challenge. It will surely change the way we live. We’re not yet sure if working from home will be a good or bad change. Time will tell.
The way it works will not change for natural scientists. Scientists doing experimental research must work in a laboratory. So it is today. So it will be tomorrow. There are areas in the natural sciences that are not related to experiments (for example, theoretical research). They can work from their home. And when a scientist does not have to work in a laboratory, but meets with co-workers, it is not equally effective and productive to have an online and live meeting in that area. If many continue to work from home even after a pandemic, that does not mean they will be able to work and live without contact with other people. Aristotle said long ago: man is a social being. He who is self-sufficient is not a man, but is either God or a beast.


  1. This article makes a good assessment of the advantages and disadvantages of working from home, it is obvious that both do exist, the challenge now is to find the ideal balance to try to accumulate the advantages rather than the inconveniences. Thank you for posting.

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    • Dear “Lookoom”,

      You are very welcome, Dear Friend. And you are absolutely right. People used to work from home for years and years. I personally grow up in such a neighborhood where many women and men used to work at home by doing crafts, cooking, handy tools, hand made jewelry and other products and sell them at markets. The same situation was with any other intellectual work. All was done at home but without much ads and media release. We used to recommend their work by talks and oral recommendation. Now its different time and totally different situation. Let us adopt as much as we can. Thank you very much for your great and inspirational comment for a lot of us. Wishing you all the best. Amela

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