Favorite flower Geranium is cheap, easily grown and propagated

cover photo: Geranium flower (www.unsplash.com)
Geranium is a flower of a very affordable price (about 2 Euros per flower) that you can propagate without much trouble. Years later you will enjoy the nostalgic scene that this flower provides. If you want to have Geranium on window pots where it will bloom beautifully and richly, you will need a few individuals. In the garden you will need a lot more shoots of this beautiful flower.

Geranium is a flower that grows easily in all conditions. It is a dear and favorite flower known from ancient times. Affordable prices and the fact that the flower shoot thrives in whatever conditions you plant it. You can plant it in pots, old pots, around the house and on the stairs. It is bought mostly in nurseries. You can take a flower shoot from an existing geranium owner.
Simply tear off the young branch on the third or fourth ‘wrist’. Keep the branch in a glass of water for a while (until it lets go of the root). Then plant the flower in a specific pot. Transplanting a geranium flower is not difficult. So the flower can be prepared for the next flower season. You will have your own seedlings.
How Geranium reproduces?
Cut a branch of geranium in the joint. Put it in water to let the roots.
Make sure that some of the leaves are not under the surface of the water, as they will rot. Rather remove it. Choose a bright place. Avoid direct sunlight.
When the roots develop after three to four weeks, plant the branch. The end result is beautiful flowers.

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