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With the heat of summer and higher temperatures, changes in the daily beauty routine are inevitable. Especially for people with oily skin. Although skipping the cream seems like the only solution, a recent trend from the beauty world will suit the most oily facial skin. Gel cream is a combination of light gel texture and moisturizing properties. It is the perfect summer choice for skin care, especially for people whose facial skin gets oily faster.
Gel cream does not seem to differ from classic face creams. The first coat reveals that it is a new and refreshing product. The peculiarity of this cream is in the texture. Like the perfect golden mean between rich creamy textures and fluid water formulas, the gel cream brings instant absorption and hydration. Although extremely hydrating, the gel cream on the skin does not leave a feeling of heaviness and does not clog pores. This is the result of a combination of ingredients found inside the milky white gel cream. At the top of the list is glycerin, glycol and hyaluronic acid, which have water-attracting and retaining properties. The high concentration of these ingredients on the facial skin during the hottest period with maximum hydration will bring a fresh and youthful look. The gel cream does not contain oils and butters that are always too heavy for mixed and oily hair. They are the most common reason that within a daily beauty routine can sample acne problems. The primary goal of the gel cream is to hydrate the skin. These creams are a great addition to your make up routine.
Like many new beauty trends in recent years, gel creams have begun to rise in the world of Korean cosmetics. Among them, Tacha Water Cream gel cream certainly stood out, which delighted many. The virtual shelves of favorite online shops with Tacha moisturizing gel cream quickly emptied.
A small mint-colored jar soon became one of the most sought after beauty products. After Korean brands, Western brands followed the trend and offered their versions of the popular gel cream. Drugstore brands (Neutrogene) offer a gel cream that contains hyaluronic acid, perfect for oily skin prone to acne. A luxury beauty brand (like Chanel) has dedicated its summer skincare collection to water-based products for deep hydration of every skin type.

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