The best people we know have found their way from the darkest depths

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Life tests us every day. Each person gets a different test for reasons unknown to us. Some people struggle with arithmetic while some people struggle with the basics of math. Anyway, we have to deal with what we get. Genetics, place of birth, financial status – we got it for reasons we don’t understand. But that’s what we have. Regardless of the situation your life is currently in, you choose whether to be a victim or survive. You have complete control over whether your life is sweet or sour. Those who choose to have their life sweet – survivors – are the strongest.
Elisbeth Kübler-Ross (Swedish psychiatrist and author) once stated:
“The most beautiful and best people we know are those who have experienced defeat, met suffering and loss, fought at all times and found their way from the darkest depths. These people know how to appreciate, are sensitive and have understanding towards others. Life has given them experiences that have filled them with compassion, kindness, and deep empathy. Beautiful people are not born that way, they are made that way. ”
Kind people bring light into the world because they came out of the darkness
In the world of darkness in which they were born, kind people have illuminated the lives of others with their positivism. They are the ones who are assigned “unfortunate” tickets (such as a bad family situation or poverty). They learned how to succeed in life and how to get over bad things and rise above them. They pushed away their “crutches”. Somehow they achieved the impossible: they ran and reached all those who had more luck and better circumstances.
While some people got a set of beautiful colored pencils, the best people got one pencil. Their pencil is plain and half spent with which they painted their lives more diverse and glittering than the others.
Kind people love the most because they have been hurt the most
Those people who have been hurt or cheated by former (business or private) partners will know more and better how to respect and love their future partner. They know what it’s like when the heart breaks. They know how to glue and repair a broken heart. They never want to give anyone the experience they have experienced.
Kind people have learned the hard way that personal shortcomings are opportunities for growth and development
It is more than possible that kind and dear people used to be pessimists. Over time, they learned that there is no growth out of pessimism. They realized that every thing that dragged them down like a weight was actually another step on the path to realizing their dreams.
Maybe just having to deal with an alcoholic brother taught them empathy and patience to help addicts. Many therapists have learned at an early age how to connect with those who suffer. In this way, kind people from quicksand build a path to success.
Kind people don’t want other people to suffer the way they suffered
Children can be cruel and tease other children about freckles, wearing glasses, ringworm or acne on the face. People who know what it’s like when someone tortures and abuses them don’t want to inflict such pain on others. Kindness in a man stem from the cruelty they have experienced. Instead of transmitting this aggression to others, a kind person will break the vicious circle and respond to abuse with compliments.
Kind people help others to survive and become better people
Such persons can cope with any situation that life gives them. They know they can survive because they have survival experiences. In the race of life, people usually look straight ahead. They don’t pay attention to other “runners”. Those really kind people (among us) cheering on their friends, acquaintances, colleagues and family. They motivate others to run along with them, share their imaginary bottles of water and energy with everyone around them. They become people who are willing to do anything for others and help them when needed. They become the kind of people they didn’t have with them when they were at their worst.
A well-known phrase says that “life is too short”, so let’s try to be as good people as possible every day we still have ahead of us. Let us give to the outside world the best we can with our words and deeds. Thank you.
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